Rainbow Scroll (r93) [Very Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionWhen you read these words aloud a beautiful rainbow will wrap around your opponent. Rainbow Scroll


Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**air**water**water**water**light**light**light*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Brightvale Scroll
Used By Death
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Rainbow Scroll
Overview: Give your opponent a smackdown with all the colors of the rainbow.
The Good: The Rainbow Scroll is a cheap and effective nine-iconer, one of many that helped even out the Battledome, and deflate some of the overpriced 10-iconers. Along with weapons like Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and Throwing Cutlass, it forms the floor of the Battledome and creates a starting point of sorts. Any weapons rated nowadays are compared to the floor of 9.8 icons, and this weapon helped create that world.

The Bad: Like I said before, 9 icons is a starting place. The price isn't all that bad, but you can jump up to Scroll of Ultranova, Sun and Moon Chakram, Scroll of the Fool, or even Scroll of Knowledge for cheap, so this nine-icon weapon won't be in your arsenal for very long.

The Ugly Truth: It's a good place to start, but Rainbow Scroll is just a stepping stone to get to bigger and better weaponry.

Rated on June 30, 2014

Price/Power (3/5)
Considering the amount of other items which are "slightly" more powerful then this I can't rate this much higher... However it is still a solid item if you have one and don't have a stronger scroll.

Countermeasures (3/5)
The most direct block for this is the Wanderers Cloak but many other items can take parts of it down.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
A Scroll of the Fool or other 10-11 icon scroll would be an upgrade on this... Perhaps you could also use a Flask of Liquid Fire if you want it for 2P.

Other Points (No Bonus)

Final Thoughts
Another pretty decent brightvale scroll.

Rated on September 29, 2013

Rainbow Scroll is a nice weapon that falls victim to its own popularity. Rainbow Scroll is a frequently recommended weapon to low budget and newbie battlers, and as a result of this popularity the price has inflated. Although I believe the supply of Rainbow Scrolls far exceeds the demand, hoarders stockpile these in hopes of cashing in on a war or a plot, leading to a notably higher price than most scrolls. The same could be said of Scroll of Knowledge and Scroll of the Scholar.

Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and Throwing Cutlass are cheaper alternatives to Rainbow Scroll, but their icon arrangements are not quite as desirable. Rainbow Scroll's blend of Water, Air, and Light icons makes it difficult to completely block in 2-Player, but the difference in icon types does not mean as much in 1-Player. Battlers who battle 1-Player opponents only can start off with Throwing Cutlass or Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and directly upgrade to Scroll of Knowledge, skipping Rainbow Scroll along the way.

In 2-Player, the unpopular Blurgah Shield could stop Rainbow Scroll dead in its tracks, but no other shields in this price range could fully defend against Rainbow Scroll, making it a solid choice here.

I like Rainbow Scroll, but I'd like it more if the price could be closer to Throwing Cutlass and Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer.

Rated on December 22, 2012

Price/power (3/5): Not too expensive for what it does, though the benchmark these days is the Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer when it comes to bang for the buck. Oh, and Scroll of Knowledge costs a bit less than this scroll.

Tactical (3/5): This combination of icons can't be fully blocked at this level, at least not with popular shields. Studded Leather Cuirass and Shiny Shoal Shell Shield reduce this to 3 icons, while Virtupets X-514 Super Shield lets 5 icons through. Leaf Shield only blocks 3 icons here, and dual duties at this level would come out even at best, as is the case with Thief Dagger and King Kelpbeards Blessing. Scarab Ring doesn't block anything here, and Frozen Wand of Crystals is way too overpriced these days.

Bonus (1/1): This was the first 9-iconer to be available for 2000 NP or so. It isn't that cheap anymore, but it did open the door for all the others.

Closing remarks: While it's one of the better 9-iconers out there, you're probably better off with a Scroll of Knowledge instead, for the raw power if nothing else.

Rated on December 17, 2012