Average Ratings

On the Jellyneo In-Depth Battlepedia we pride ourselves on providing users with high quality reviews for as many items as possible. While each rater has a different idea of what to rate individual items, this guide gives you a broad overview of what each level means.

Rating Ranges
Items rated with this Red marker are considered some of the worst on Neopia. They will rarely have purpose in the battledome and often reviews on these weapons will be short or comedic depending on the rater.
Yellow rated items are at the point where they may be useful under some circumstances. Generally it is worth reading the reviews on these items to work out if they are for you, or if there are better options available.
Items rated with the Green marker are generally considered to be items worth using in the battledome. Amazingly there are a lot less of these then one would expect, so when you see a green rated item you know it should be good.
Items marked with N/A contain reviews but are not suitable to attach a rating to. Items may gain an N/A rating due to certain circumstances, such as being 1-Player only, too rare or non-existent.
These are items we haven't gotten around to rating yet. There are thousands of weapons on Neopets and more are being released every month. Check back on these items soon, hopefully we will have the rating ready next time.

Ratings may vary depending on who has rated them, the more ratings a weapon has, the more accurate it should be. Item ratings may also change over time depending on if TNT changes how they work, or the prices jump about. Check the individual rater's pages to find out more about how an individual decides to score items.

This article was written by: JN Staff