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League 54 (or L54 for short) is the most popular 2-Player battling league in today's Battledome. Similar in concept to League 97, it standardizes a certain, easy-to-train pet stat build (54 HP/13 Str/35 Def) and introduces a weapon cap not based on price, but on power. The goal of these limits is to allow battles to last a reasonable amount of time on average; without these weapon restrictions, battles would either be too short, or training for the league would take a long time.

If you're new to League 54, or want to know more in general, check out the FAQ.


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L54 has special rules that differ from traditional 2-Player battling. The full rules for L54 battling can be found on our rules page. The gist is that weapons are limited to either 9 or 10 attacking icons, Dual Duties are limited to 13.0 total icons, full-blocking Dual Duties are limited to 5 attacking icons, and some Hidden Tower shields are banned. Additionally, only faerie abilities from the level 10 tier and below are allowed. However, in the name of balance, there are some exceptions to the rules, and tournament organizers sometimes change it up, so make sure you read them all.

Before signing up and participating in an L54 event, it is very important that you understand the rules! Check here for the full standard rules. Be extra-sure to pay attention to any special rules the Tournament Organizer may set!


L54 FAQ - Some of L54's most burning questions, answered.

L54 Weapon Listing - Need some inspiration to build your next set? This handy list might help you.