Age: 28
jnAccount: sircabbage
Preferred Pet Build: Lab Rat

Having spent over half my life on Neopets I have had many the chance to battle. The changing face, the many struggles, items being made useful and useless. I am a lab rat battler who has been a member of the guild Phoenix Warlords for a long time and given my love for weapons, items and writing I have always wanted to be a rater. Being part of the Battlepedia team is a great honor and I hope I can help do the battledome justice.

My Rating Style

My main focus in the battledome is on 1 Player fights, mostly during plots. Being a lab rat battler means I have little use for defense and may not be able to look at certain defense items as much as a 2player balanced rater. That being said, I love items which offer great value for money, have alternative strategies behind them and may sometimes be overlooked.

Generally when rating I give a base score based on the Price/Power and Countermeasures but also add or deduct points to help create a scale for lower and higher weapons. I try to offer alternatives, upgrades and downgrades when I believe there are clear paths for users to follow, but have little patience for totally garbage weapons. Sometimes I seem to rate things more harshly. Though a few of my reviews contain some pretty funny content, so have fun trying to find them.

Favorite Weapons
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