Fearsome Gladius (r99) [Super Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis impressive sword is perfect for any Altadorian soldier. Fearsome Gladius


Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**fire**fire**earth**earth**earth**physical*+*physical**physical**physical**physical*
Defense *-light**-light**-light**-light**-light**-physical**-physical**-physical**-physical**-physical*
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
JN Price 945,000 NP
Restocks At Altadorian Armour
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes Lent By: katon_gokakyuu
Distributions - Fearsome Gladius
Minimum: 7.50
Maximum: 12.00
Mean: 9.75
Ratings - Fearsome Gladius
Price/Power (1/5)
This would be rather the impressive dual duty- if it sat just a little bit further down the rarity totem pole. As it stands however the price makes this item less then practical.
Countermeasures (3/5)
Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
To me this feels like the big brother of the Rusty Pitchfork or Stocking Full of Coal. While that may sound like an insult, they are decent items. Alternatives wise, you may want to instead look at the similarly priced Mask of Coltzan. Realistically by a certain level however it is better to give up on dual duties and go for a more specialized attack or defense. Perhaps a Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy would work?

Other Points

Final Thoughts
I waited a long time to review this because my hope was that one day it would be devalued by a mass TNT giveaway. Unfortunately it was not, so here we are.

Rated on August 22, 2016

Value 0/3: r99 and only a couple have surfaced�the price is still somewhat unsteady and those that have surfaced have high price tags and aren't selling in auctions.

Tactical 4/6: Averaging 10 icons of offense and 10 solid icons of defense, this weapon has a lot of potential in the right situations. It can beat the sword of thgil head to head, performs admirably against the Sword of White Lies, and takes a chunk out of the other anagrams. Impressive. It's offensive icons, unfortunately, are spread a little too thin to be threatening, and this weapon is taken down several sizes by a multitude of high and low-tier shields.

Other 1/1: A dual duty with 20 average icons (if it defends fully) is unprecedented and a pretty cool idea. A shop weapon that can go straight up against some hidden tower and cove weapons without falling flat on it's face. That's pretty cool.

Conclusion: Interesting weapon to watch. If the price turns out be reasonable, adjust this score accordingly. Otherwise be suspicious, as cool as this is, unless it sells for a very reasonable price you're better off going for high-tier pure offense/pure defense swords and shields.

Rated on September 7, 2013

Price/power (1/5): Too expensive for what it does, though its defense is impressive.

Tactical (4/5): The attack is easily blocked by Sophies Magic Hat, Shiny Shoal Shell Shield, and Studded Leather Cuirass. However, good light defense is hard to come by, and this fits the bill. The physical defense is a bonus.

Bonus (0/1): The weapon may be impressive, but the price is atrocious.

Closing remarks: For now, stick to the likes of Ultimate Negg Hammer and Jhudoras Cursed Sword. If this dealt a constant 12 icons, it would be worth getting, but as it stands it just isn't a good idea.

Rated on April 28, 2013