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DescriptionIts cute AND dangerous. Need we say more? Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy


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Attack *fire**fire**dark**dark**water**water**water**water**water**water**water**water**water**water*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Hidden Tower - This item stocks, or used to stock, in The Hidden Tower.
Notes None
Ratings - Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy
To the description of this item: I think there is, in fact, more to be said...

Once upon a time (probably back in 2013, when most of these reviews were written), this would have been an easy 9, sure. 14 icons for ~2m was actually a great deal, considering Ylanas Blaster and Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting were a cool million each, give or take... but then, times changed, and the inexorable tide of power creep caught up to us.

As much as saying this quacks me up, this duck is for the birds in the day and age of Turned Tooth. For a mere 60-80k or so (at the time of writing), you'll get a weapon that averages more icons than this one does. Don't like that roughly one-in-three chance at a mere 13 icons? Yooyu Knuckle Duster and Tyrannian Sceptre provide the same 14 icon punch for a small fraction of the cost of this thing. 14 isn't enough? Bowling Ball of Lost Cities provides a consistent 15 icons while still costing a mere fraction of this once-great waterfowl.

Even after sinking to a mere 950k, it's over an order of magnitude too expensive for what it does. We've got 15 icon constants that cost less than this, and that simply invalidates any niche this weapon had. No amount of cuteness can change this fact.

Conclusion: Yes, part of the reason I'm being quite so harsh on this weapon is to bring its rating down; it's no longer reflective of its viability in 1P... and its 2P viability is limited to the rarely-played Warriors League. It's unfortunate, but this Battleduck is all washed up these days. At least it's still cute.

Rated on October 7, 2019

Initial look- Looks like this basic battleduck got a nice little outfit for Halloween *Squeak* *Squeak*

Offensive Power- 3/5- I was in hiatus when this little ducky came out but now that I'm back...I can't understand what all of the hoopla was about. I mean I guess 14 icons is okay from a mid-range standpoint, but due to the existence of the ever-prevalent Faerie Tabard I didn't how this weapon was any good. Fortunately my thoughts have changed: I think this item is basically useless. Why? Three words: Water Powered Pistol. Not only is the weapon not good, it is now out-classed and out-priced.

Counters- Faerie Tabard and Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy are the two that first come to mind but if you want to take a good chunk out of it and also most likey defend parts of your opponents second weapon I'd go with Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield.

Alternatives- Direct alternative? Water Powered Pistol. Nuff' said. Now if you want to upgrade your splash game you'll want to be on the lookout for Kelpbeards Trident or Sword of Tawre.

Bonus- 0/1- Some kind Neopian soul should find Dr. Sloth and give his bath buddy back to him; he'd probably find more use for it than any of us would. Don't worry, we'll hold a candlelight vigil in your honor.

Overall Rating- 6/10- Not 100% sure if this was ever any good or worth using but, even if it was in the past, it isn't so good anymore. This tiny toy has gone the way of many past items (IE the NQII prizes). I just wouldn't use it unless you have some sort of weird 'Dr. Sloth' themed BD set going on.

Rated on September 26, 2017

Overview: Finally a Hidden Tower weapons for us commoners. The Bath Buddy is a nice stepping stone between 9-12 icon weapons and Hidden Tower swords.

The Good: The Bath Buddy grants the hitting power of 14 icons, and does it for a cost that will remain at 2 million or less thanks to it being stocked at the Hidden Tower. I've seen these selling for as low as 1.5m, which means the one-icon step up from Altador Cup Throwing Star doesn't cost that much. If you consider the Bath buddy to essentially be a 10-icon mono-type with 4 bonus icons, it's very appealing in that it's difficult to fully block. It even gets two icons through the Faerie Tabard, which is the biggest shield that would get used against the Bath Buddy.

The Bad: Shortly after its release, the Stone Foam Finger was released, which made this every so slightly less awesome. It loses to Hobans Hat, which isn't really a deal-breaker though.

The Ugly Truth: If you want to jump up from cheaper weapons and into the big leagues, the Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy is a great start.

Rated on September 30, 2013

Power: 4/5
Always wanted a cheap version of Kelpbeards Trident? Well here it is! Packing a nice punch of 14 icons which a nice 10 water icons is nothing to laugh at and at mere 2M- this is a steal. The downside is: the recently released Stone Foam Finger takes a bit of this shine away packing 15 icons for an even lower price at the expense of using easier to block icons.

Counters: 3/3
While there's the obvious way to block this using Faerie Tabard that isn't quite a fair comparison given the shield is far more expensive than this budy, isn't it? If you look more in it's price range you'll more likely encounter shields like Sophies Magic Hat, Patched Magic Hat, Leaf Shield and the likes which at best take out a bit of the fun, but the majority of your icons will make it through making this really hard to stop in it's own budget range.

Uniqueness: 1/1
Now I wouldn't really give this a unique point just by itself, but the icon combination, the nice pricing between the ~13 iconers and the higher end HT items and the amazing looks of this just deserves that extra point.

Bonus: 1/1
It's a bath buddy! And it has a sloth cape! And that sloth hair! It's so adorable.

Rated on August 9, 2013

1P 9/10: It seems like TNT is serious about making battling more affordable for less wealthy neopians, with the recent release of this weapon, Skarls Hasty Mace, and the upgrade of Scroll of Knowledge. It's nice to finally see another battle duck that's usable in the BD, it's too bad it's missing the words "Battle Duck" in its name though...this one gives 4 more icons than Maractite Battle Duck for less than 1/4 of it's HT price. This duck is a decent step up from ~13-iconers such as Ylanas Blaster at a reasonable price, and will stabilize the prices of those 13-iconers during battle plots (and wars? ;)). Using 2 of these would be fine against most challengers, except those with water blockers such as Chiazilla, Snow Faerie, Drenched, Snowager, and Donny. Next step up would be Skarls Hasty Mace. I strongly recommend this weapon be considered by battlers with a budget of about 5-15M.

2P 9/10: This duck has a very good combination of icons and would be hard to block even with a full HT set. U-Bend of Great Justice or Mega U-Bend would be the only defensive weapons that would beat it head-to-head...but the best way to deal with a weapon like this would be to just outdamage it with stronger constants. If you're thinking of putting 2 in a set, be sure to include other weapons that can get around water blockers/reflectors such as Super U-Bend, Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy, and Faerie Tabard. For those with low HT level sets this weapon may be tactically used to punch through Ghostkershield. This is the best individual constant for 2P in its approximate price range.

Rated on January 21, 2013

Price/power (5/5): 14 icons for 2 million NP is very good. There was a time when you could only get 13 icons for this price.

Tactical (4/5): The strength of this weapon lies with the 10 water icons. Mono-icon attacks are always difficult to block, since full blockers might miss it and nothing else can stop it completely. However, this does get killed by Faerie Tabard--which isn't common at this level anyway.

Bonus (1/1): It's nice to see the Battle Ducks return.

Closing remarks: This is a step up from the plot-related 13-iconers such as Altador Cup Throwing Star, Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting, and the infamous Ylanas Blaster. With a potentially devastating icon spread, it will be your main attacker until you're able to afford Kelpbeards Trident or an anagram sword.

Rated on January 17, 2013

Rating History ▼
Price/Power (2/5)
14 Icons for 2 mill was amazing value for money as it is a direct step up from both the Neoquest Insane prizes AND the many plot prize 13ish iconers which have became staple for the time being. However, as with how icon inflation normally goes, this item has basically been superseded by the Water Powered Pistol. This is by far the most powerful battle duck item considering its brothers normally do a max of 10 icons spread between two icon types.

Countermeasures (5/5)
The most notable thing about this weapon is that the icon types are really great. The spread of icons not only bulks on a hard to block icon type like water but also avoids physical all together and adds two more good icon types in the form of fire and darkness. The cheapest ways to partially block this are Leaf Shield and Underwater Oven Gloves but they barely touch this weapon. The Faerie Tabard cripples it but is of a much higher cost. Once this could hypothetically be cheaply blocked by the once 300k Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy or completly turned around by the U-Bend of Great Justice but both have been retired from the tower and increased in price dramatically. Keeping how hard it is to block this weapon in mind, it deserves high marks.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades

Water Powered Pistol has superseded this item.

This duck represents a clear upgrade from the plot weapons like the 13 icon Altador Cup Throwing Star which have much worse icon spreads and less power. However, they are considered worthy downgrades/alternatives on the fact they are about half the cost. This duck is essentially a min...
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Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy deals 14 icons, with 10 of those icons being Water icons. Most people would consider this new weapon a member of the Battle Duck family, despite this weapon not having the term "Battle Duck" in its name. Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy is easily the most powerful Battle Duck to date.

A 14 icon Hidden Tower weapon will not make the BD Chat go crazy, but nonetheless, this is a well priced weapon. At a Tower stock price of 2,000,000NP, this weapon will likely be valued at about 1.8M when traded between players. 13(ish) icon weaponry like Altador Cup Throwing Star and Ylanas Blaster currently go for a bit over a million Neopoints, and Skarls Hasty Mace, which averages about 16.6 icons, sells for about 6,600,000NP. This means that in terms of numerical icons alone, Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy helps bridge the gap in price between these weapons. Players with 13-icon weapons saving up for Skarls Hasty Mace now have another upgrade along the way to look forward to.

The real appeal of this weapon in my opinion does not come from the total icons, but rather the distribution of the icons. 10 Water icons offers mono-icon power previously only found in the form of Portable Kiln at this level of battling. However, unlike Portable Kiln, Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy's extra icons, 2 Fire and 2 Dark icons, allow it to maintain a strong power-to-price ratio while hitting the opponent hard with a largely mono-icon attack. Fire and Dark icons are difficult to stop at this level of battling, and few Water defensive measures offer additional protection against Fire and Dark, meaning should the Wat...
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