Age: 24
jnAccount: felix_felicis
Retired On: December 11, 2013

Hi everyone. I've been playing Neo since before I was a teenager. Now I'm an adult, and I still like to log in to see how my guild is doing, and for the fun of building my neopian bank account and saving for battle items.

My Rating Style

Value: A weapon can earn up to 3 points for value in my rating scheme. This is important because the VAST majority of players operate with severe budget constraints. An otherwise perfect item that costs too much too be worth your hard-earned neopoints can get it's rating knocked down significantly if it costs too much.

Tactics: Of course, most of the points given to an item should depend on whether it will be useful in battle. That's why a weapon can earn twice as many points--6--for tactical value. I try to consider both 1P and 2P in my ratings.

Other: The final point I reserve to editorialize. If I think a weapon deserves an extra point after looking over my rating I explain why here. Some items have a certain *je ne sais quoi* and the Other space allows me to award 1 final point to items that are deserving.

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