Shooting Star Muffin (r180) [Retired]View in Item Database
DescriptionIt may look pretty, but not when its thrown at your face. Once Use. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8. Shooting Star Muffin

Single Use

Average Rating [?]
Attack *fire**fire**fire**fire**fire**air**air**air**air**air**dark**dark**dark**dark**dark*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Advent Calendar - This item was available at the Advent Calendar.
Notes None
Ratings - Shooting Star Muffin
This weapon will only be rated for Regular 1P/2P use, since it doesn't have any niche or league use. Also since most muffins are similar they'll all have similar reviews.

Price (2/3): It costs more than the other muffins, but the icon types make up for it.
Power (3/5): Yeah... no. The era of 15 icon weapons ended when 13 icons became the regular for multiuse weapons. buying these over and over makes no sense when you can get something like Yooyu Knuckle Duster for 80k. However... If you need a weapon with good icon types for X or Y reason then this is the muffin to get. Icon type wise it beats the dusters, but the dusters are still multiuse.
Uniqueness (0/2): There's just too many 15 icon, 3 icon type bombs to count by now.

Overall It's good when you need a 15 iconer with good icon types, which would usually be only for 2P stuff. It doens't have many opportunities to shine, and it's single use, but it's still better than other muffins. Because of that its final rating is 5/10.

Rated on March 9, 2019

Price/Power (3/5)
15 Icon bombs can be the difference between wins in the Battledome, so picking the right one is important if you choose to have one in your set. Most of the cheaper muffins are generally good value so long as their power is sufficient, especially in 1P.

Countermeasures (4/5)
This muffin shines ahead of some of the other muffins dramatically due to the absence of physical. It is much harder to fully block and offers a very nice spread.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
Look at the other Battle Muffins, this is one of the best though being on par with the Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb, offering exactly the same spread of icons.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
Great combination of icons for a battle muffin, really deserves a look in.

Rated on November 20, 2012