Age: 26
jnAccount: musashi0006
Preferred Pet Build: HP + Offense

Ever since I first discovered Jellyneo I spent most of my time here on the battlepedia checking all kinds of weapons, and before joining I noticed how quite a few have their ratings outdated, for one reason or another. My goal when becoming a reviewer is to try to update as many weapons as I can considering current changes like icon inflation or different uses a weapon could have, so that other people that come watch and choose weapons can have a better understanding of how useful they are nowadays.

My Rating Style

My rating style consists in making an average of the possibilities a weapon has. It'll always have its regular use for 1P and 2P, and after that it could have extra ratings for different leagues (TPL, L54, L97...) or niche uses or situations. After both ratings have been said there'll be a final rating being the combination of all, and that'll be the main rating the weapon will have.

Favorite Weapons
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