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League 54 Weapon List

For those looking for inspiration, here is a list of weapons allowed in League 54. This is not an exhaustive list; any weapon that fits under the rules can be used, even if it isn't listed here. The weapons on this page have been placed into groups for better organization.


While 10 icon weapons are the norm when it comes to strictly-offensive weapons, some 8 and 9 icon weapons see occasional use as well. With proper prediction, a surprise offensive can overwhelm even the best defenses!

Dual Duties

Dual Duties make up the backbone of many L54 sets, and there are more of them than there are constants! Choosing the correct dual duties to bring to a fight can be the difference between victory and defeat.


Since the best Hidden Tower shields are all banned, using shields is a bit more reliant on prediction than attacking, when equipping them and when actually using them. However, there are still plenty of usable shields. Wheel Shield in particular is notable for its unique ability to single-handedly shut down the dreaded combo of Frozen Water Daggers and Frozen Wave Scimitar.


Purple Scorchstone is, by far and bar none, the best healer in the league. It's the only weapon that is truly a must-have. Thanks to its overheal, a set without Purple Scorchstone is, unfortunately, inferior to one with it. That being said, if you can't quite afford Purple Scorchstone, there are other, cheaper items that can suffice.


The following items don't really fit anywhere else, but still may show up from time to time.

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