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League 54 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to 2P battling? Wondering what this "L54" stuff is all about? Don't know whether to make the plunge? This page is meant to help answer many of the most common questions about League 54 battling not covered by the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What even is League 54/L54, and why should I care?

League 54 is the most popular 2-Player league in the Battledome today! It was designed to be easy to train for and inexpensive while allowing fun battles of a reasonable length. If you're tired of grinding AI opponents into dust and want something more out of the Battledome, then L54 might just be for you!

How many Neopoints does a good L54 set cost? Do I have to spend a lot of Neopoints to be good?

One of the best things about L54 is that it's not very expensive compared to some other 2P battling leagues. Realistically, you could build a good L54 set for less than 2 or 3 million neopoints... and most of that is just the price of Purple Scorchstone (since it's the best healer in the league by far). You certainly could spend a lot more on weapons if you want to (and indeed some do), but it's not necessary by any means, especially when most of the essentials can be bought off the Shop Wizard!

Is Purple Scorchstone really that necessary? It's a bit pricey...

You can start out with something like a Greater Healing Scroll or a Rejuvenating Jar of Brains, but Purple Scorchstone's overhealing ability cements its position as the best healer in the league. The overheal is key; it basically allows your pet to temporarily go above 54 HP, so your pet will be able to heal much more on average.

I've got my set and I've got my L54-trained pet. Now what?

Go to the Battledome Chat and look around for battles! Participate in the battle boards and tournaments, get your practice in, and have fun!

Can I change my set between battles?

Not only are you allowed to do this, it's encouraged! Predicting what your opponent will bring and planning accordingly can help give you a sizable advantage.

If you have any questions that aren't covered here, please neomail macosten or head on over to the Battledome Chat on the Neoboards and ask away!