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League 54 Rules

This is the full set of rules for the standard version of League 54. Some events will have special rules that differ from those below, but if no special rules are set by the tournament organizer, then these are the rules that everyone will assume you're following.

General Rules

  1. Your battle pet must have exactly 54 HP, between 13 and 19 strength (the 13 boost), and between 35 and 54 defence (the 35 boost).
  2. All weapons are limited to 10.0 attacking icons. This applies to the maximum attack, not the average.
  3. Example: Aubergine Mace is not allowed, because it has a maximum attack of 12.0 icons, even though its average attack is 7.05 icons.

  4. All weapons are limited to 13.0 total icons (attacking icons plus defending icons). This applies to the maximum, not the average, and this doesn't count percent-based effects.
  5. Example: Air Faeries Fan is not allowed, because it has a combined 14.0 icons of attack and defense.

  6. Weapons that block 100% of any icon are allowed unless they attack with more than 5.0 icons, or unless they're specifically banned.
  7. Example: Shield of Faerieland and Pirate Captains Hat are allowed. Altadorian Swordbreaker is allowed, because it attacks for only 5 icons. Hanso Charisma Charm is not allowed, because it attacks for more than 5 icons.

  8. Overhealing healers are limited to 50 HP. Other healers are limited to 60 HP (this includes 100% full healers).
  9. Example: Leaded Elemental Vial and Jade Elixir are allowed because they will never heal more than 54 HP and they don't overheal. Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic is not allowed because it heals 75 HP.

  10. In general, reflectors and once-per-battle items are allowed unless they break any of the other rules.
  11. The only single-use items allowed are Jade Elixir, Life Giver, Amulet of Life, and Lucky Robots Foot. Any others are not allowed.
  12. Stealers, freezers, drainers, and multihealers are prohibited.
  13. Example: Slumberberry Potion is not allowed, because it has a chance to freeze your opponent. Ultranova is not allowed because it can heal multiple times.

  14. Only Faerie abilities from the level 1, 5, and 10 tiers are allowed.
  15. If you poison your opponent during battle, provide a cure for their pet.
  16. Battleground boons that have effects in the Battledome can't be used.
  17. Example: Strength of Mind and GRRRAAAAHHHHHH! are banned.

  18. Exceptions:
  19. The following weapons are exempted from the rules above, even though they break one or more rules, and are allowed in standard L54 battles:

    The following weapons are banned, despite not breaking any of the above rules, and are not allowed in standard L54 battles:

iDB Tournament Rules

Additionally, the following rules will apply to any tournaments iDB itself holds.

  1. All ability-related glitches must be played through. Drizzle and Meditate are known to be somewhat glitchy, so be careful when using them.
  2. All glitches unrelated to abilities (like Foresight, or the Battledome not registering your move) should be settled between players. Rematches, in which both players use the same sets and start at the same HP totals they had before the glitch ocurred, are suggested in some cases; item usability should reflect that of the pre-glitched battle.
  3. Example: You and your opponent used your Purple Scorchstones, and your Radish Bow broke for the battle. Later on, the battle glitches and your opponent agrees to a rematch. You should not use either your Scorchstone or your Radish Bow, and your opponent should not use their Scorchstone.

  4. If you have a question about a battle that isn't answered here, please Neomail an iDB staffer. Ultimately, the staffer running the tournament makes the final call in all rules decisions.

Breaking any of the above rules during an event may lead to forfeiture from a battle or set, disqualification, or a ban from future events. An iDB tournament staffer will make the call at their discretion.