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League 97 Rules

This is the full rulebook for League 97 (L97) events. The rules on this page are the general rules for L97 events; any change or addendum for a particular event will be listed on that event's information page. Any questions regarding the L97 rules can be directed towards Penguinqwert via neomail, or towards Penguinqwert via Jellyneo Forums private message.


  1. The only build allowed for L97 events is the 97/20/35 (H/S/D) League 5 build. All participants must have the 20 Strength boost and 35 Defense boost and should make every attempt possible to have exactly 97HP. (Do not train over these limitations) Furthermore, pets participating in an event must have at least 80HP at the start of the event; otherwise the pet will be disqualified for being undertrained. Because accidents happen, pets with 98HP will be permitted to participate provided they meet the Strength and Defense boost requirements. For pets participating with 98HP, 1HP will be treated as 0HP. This means that should a 98HP pet reach the 1HP mark at any point in the battle, the pet will be declared the loser. This grace rule only extends out to the 98th hitpoint, pets with 99HP or more are unable to participate.
  2. Weapons that exceed 12.0 offensive/attack icons are not allowed.
  3. Example: Sword of Apocalypse is not allowed because it can deal up to 13 icons. Staff of Righteous Fury and Meukas Snot Trail would be examples of weapons that are allowed, as neither of these weapons exceed 12.0 icons.

  4. Dual Duty weaponry may not exceed 15.0 total icons. In addition, no 100% block Dual Duties are allowed.
  5. Example: Hanso Charisma Charm is not allowed because it blocks 100% of Darkness icons. Mask of Coltzan is not allowed because it has a combined 19.0 icons of attack and defense. Hobans Hat would be allowed because it does not exceed 15.0 icons.

  6. Dark Faerie Collar (DFC) is not allowed, since it is considered to exceed 15.0 total icons due to its extra reflection value.
  7. Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield (HMNS) is not allowed in the L97 format.
  8. Stealing and Freezing are prohibited unless both battlers agree to use them. Always ask your opponent beforehand if you wish to use Stealing and/or Freezing - never assume!
  9. Weapons capable of healing multiple times in a battle are not allowed. The ability Meditate is allowed, as it is an ability, not a weapon.
  10. Rainbow Scorchstone (RSS) and Glittery Scorchstone (GSS) are not allowed in this format.
  11. Battlers may use Thyoras Tear or Downsize!, but battlers may not equip both.
  12. Faerie abilities in the Level 50 tier and above are not allowed.
  13. No Single Use items allowed. Fragile items are allowed so long as they don't conflict with any of the above rules.
  14. Example: Ultranova is not allowed because it violates rule #7 - no multi-healing. Turbo Flame Reflector is allowed because it does not conflict with any of the above rules.

  15. Should a participant poison another participant during battle, that participant must provide a cure for their victim following the battle.
  16. Participants should avoid using any Battleground boons that may give them a benefit inside the Battledome while a tournament is going. Should a participant select a boon that boosts performance, the participant will be asked to sit out for the duration of the boon.
  17. Participants are asked to use only their own weapons. Participants should not borrow weapons from any user, regardless of whether the loaner is participating in the event or not. Please note that borrowing a L97 pet is acceptable; this rule applies to weapons only.
  18. Participants should abide by all Neopets Terms and Conditions. Participants should not cheat, scam, take part in item pooling, or participate in any otherwise malicious activity.
  19. Participants should be courteous to each other on the tournament boards and around the site. Any dispute should be brought up to an iDB tournament staffer.
  20. Breaking any of the above rules during an event may lead to forfeiture from a battle or set, disqualification, or a ban from future events. An iDB tournament staffer will make the call at their discretion. Play clean, be nice, and have fun!
  21. *All ability-related glitches will be played through. Almost every faerie ability minus Static Cling and Icicle is prone to malfunction periodically. These malfunctions are an unavoidable fact of life in the current state of the Battledome. Use the other various tournament legal abilities at your own risk, and be sure to study their behavior!