Snowball Machine (r180) [Retired]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis strange machine will create many snowballs of every type for you to use in battle! Snowball Machine


Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects *give_item* 1-3 Random snowball of the same type.
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Hidden Tower - This item stocks, or used to stock, in The Hidden Tower.
Notes None
Ratings - Snowball Machine
This weapon will only be rated for Regular 1P/2P use, since it doesn't have any niche or league use.

Price (0/3): Have fun trying to get one, let alone buy it. Retired hidden tower items are that rare.
Power (0/5): Snowballs used to be ok, but nowadays... So this item is already useless, but to make it worse this is an item generator. Item generators need to create really, really good items to be useful, since you're losing a weapon slot for a turn just to generate the item you're gonna use next turn, and you're giving up your main damage dealers for that turn.
Uniqueness (0/2): There's oh so many item creators that are as useless as this one

Overall it's a relic of the past, and as such only a gallery item. Not even worth using if you already have it. Because of that its final rating is 0/10. I can't give a rating of 0 however, so it gets a shameful 1 instead.

Rated on September 30, 2019

Price/Power (0/5)
A long retired item generator from the days when snowballs weren't total trash. Before icon inflation has reached insane levels...

Countermeasures (0/5)
Really there is no reason to use any snowballs these days, so there is no reason to make them. They would just slowly fill up your battle for no good reason.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Just get yourself a proper weapon that can do more then a snowball, such as a Scroll of Ultranova or Scroll of the Wise

Other Points

Final Thoughts
A long ago relic,

Rated on April 15, 2014