Pirate Captains Cutlass (r200) [Artifact]View in Item Database
DescriptionSuper sharp and well used. This is the preferred sword for pirate captains around Neopia. Pirate Captains Cutlass


Average Rating [?]
Attack *light**light**light**light**light**physical**physical**physical**physical**physical**air**air**air**air**air**air**air* + *air**air**air**air**air**air**air*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By Greedy Kadoatie
Kanrik, Master Thief
Mayor Thumburt
Ships Cook
Thief Overseer
Special Categorization Hidden Tower - This item stocks, or used to stock, in The Hidden Tower.
Notes None
Distributions - Pirate Captains Cutlass
Minimum: 17.00
Maximum: 24.00
Mean: 18.34
Ratings - Pirate Captains Cutlass
One of my favorite weapons, Pirate Captains Cutlass enjoyed a long reign as the HT-standard during perhaps the most competitive era of 2-Player battling. In 2004, Pirate Captains Cutlass replaced the infamous Ghostkersword in the Hidden Tower. Up until the release of the family of Anagram Swords in 2011, Pirate Captain Cutlass was to go-to weapon of mass destruction on a Hidden Tower budget.

With a price of 16 million Neopoints, Pirate Captains Cutlass stocked for 3 million Neopoints more than Ghostkersword. Although weaker than the Ghostkersword, the rapid inflation of the old sword meant that Pirate Captains Cutlass was the new favorite. Possessing a similar icon distribution as the Sword of Skardsen, Pirate Captains Cutlass featured primarily Air icons, useful for beating Ghostkershield, the shield of choice at the time. With the introduction of the Dark-blocking Ring of the Lost in 2005, Sword of Skardsen became even more persecuted, and Pirate Captains Cutlass became the clear favorite.

Kelpbeards Trident later joined Pirate Captains Cutlass and Sword of Skardsen in the Hidden Tower, and it helped popularize Faerie Tabard in 2-Player battles. This metagame shift in turn helped Pirate Captain Cutlass, which was slightly better at penetrating a Faerie Tabard than a Ghostkershield.

The mass Air icons of dual Pirate Captains Cutlasses were overwhelming against almost all defensive measures. Only Triple Turbo Dryer proved to be a particularly frightening countermeasure. The Air/Light combo of the cutlasses also ensured that neither Burrow nor Sink would offer full protectio...
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Pop For Your 'Points (3/3): Bought secondhand, Pirate Captains Cutlass is not too much higher than the Anagram swords. For the higher price you get a weapon less susceptible to reflection.

In Battle (3/5): Because Pirate Captains Cutlass has the power of Sword of Skardsen (and its clones) and Kelpbeards Trident, every bit of its worth comes down to icon types.

The main rival of Pirate Captains Cutlass happens to be Sword of Ari, a weapon that deals 15 air icons and a handful of physical icons.

Even when Pirate Captains Cutlass hits 24 icons, it is less susceptible to air reflection than Ari. Triple Turbo Dryer is the biggest air reflection threat in the game, reflecting 75% of the air icons. So if PCC hits 24 icons, 10.5 icons of air return to the person using it. When Sword of Ari runs into Triple Turbo Dryer, by contrast, 11.25 icons are reflected. You essentially need Ari to hit max every turn to do what PCC does every single turn - come out ahead against TTD. Score 1 for PCC.

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield and Ghostkershield flip the situation. Ari punches through Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield and Ghostkershield much more effectively than Pirate Captains Cutlass. Of potential importance, though, PCC can help fill up the physical defense on HNMS and G-Shield better than Ari. Probably moot in 99% of cases, however. Ari ties it up 1-1.

Still relatively new, Shield of Faerieland is sometimes seen in competitive play. It shuts down Sword of Ari, and leaves Pirate Captains Cutlass gasping for air. Still, the 5 light punch through SoF. Pirate Captains Cutlass takes the win over Swo...
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1P 5/10: A classic sword averaging 18 icons, there is little practical reason to choose PCC as a 1P weapon over Kelpbeards Trident. It is a viable KBT alternative but I cannot recommend it for 1P.

2P 7/10: Prior to the release of the new anagram swords and Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, dual PCC was seen as the gold standard in HT level battling. It worked well by overwhelming shields such as Faerie Tabard and Ghostkershield. This strategy is still valid (especially when fighting opponents with lower boosts than you) but it may be more effective to be able to pick and choose between different types of icons. Also, the loss of 3.2 icons on average against pteris hurts this weapon. The recently released Commemorative Battle Faerie Axe is a very similar weapon. This cutlass does have some potential uses in a HT level set, and is best when paired with another PCC.

Rated on January 20, 2013