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Molten Branch Sword (r101) [Special]View in Item Database
DescriptionOpponents beware! This weapon looks quite dangerous! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y14. Molten Branch Sword


Average Rating [?]
Attack *fire**fire**fire**light**light**physical* + *physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By Unchained Monster
Special Categorization Advent Calendar - This item was available at the Advent Calendar.
Notes None
Distributions - Molten Branch Sword
Minimum: 5.30
Maximum: 8.00
Mean: 6.65
Ratings - Molten Branch Sword
Price/power (1/5): Not very powerful at all, but what can you expect from the Advent Calendar? Good thing this only costs 20 NP or so.

Tactical (1/5): Very vulnerable to Scarab Ring, Thief Dagger, and Flaming Oven Gloves. Not enough total icons to compensate for this at all.

Bonus (1/1): Draik owners can waste their money on this instead of a Flying Fireball.

Closing remarks: Get a real weapon like a Scroll of Knowledge, Golden Compass, Throwing Cutlass, etc. and stay away from this. If you're into Advent Calendar weapons for some reason, at least the Festive Holiday Scroll won't let you down this badly.

Rated on December 17, 2012

Price/Power (1/5)
a max of 8 icons free from the advent isn't HORRIBLE. but is in no way worth it despite this fact.

Countermeasures (0/5)
Easily blocked by the Scarab Ring and other common defenders.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
The Electro Sword offers a perfect (and more reliable) alternative/upgrade to this weapon offering the same kinds of icons. While items such as the Scroll of Knowledge offer a better amount of value for money in 1P.

Other Points (1 Bonus)
This is an advent item and looks rather nice really!

Final Thoughts
While a lot of Advent items are often better then you would expect this item should have been released a couple of years ago to be good enough.

Rated on December 4, 2012

It only took two days for the 2012 Advent Calendar to give us a new Battledome weapon. Molten Branch Sword deals 5.3 to 8 icons, which is not terrible for a beginner weapon, but still is nothing special.

This sword is very similar to a sword that is being awarded as a prize in the new Battledome. That prize, Electro Sword, has the same low cost as this weapon, but deals 8 icons consistently instead of only as its biggest hit.

Given that Electro Sword offers the same blend of Fire, Light, and Physical, but also does it with consistency makes Molten Branch Sword irrelevant. It's a shame, because I do like the artwork of this sword a little bit more. :P

Rated on December 2, 2012