Weapon Recommendations

Many Neopets players ask the question: "Which weapons are worth wielding to wallop my opponents?" Whether you're looking to simply farm your daily drops from your challenger of choice, prepare for a plot, or just to test the limits of you and your Neopet, the weapons you choose to use can be the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat.

This guide is written with 1-Player battling in mind. If you're looking to get into 2-Player battling, check out our League 54 Home!

This guide's pages are roughly divided by budget and how strong your pet is expected to be given that budget. Outliers will be noted when they appear.


Think you're ready to slug it with the big kids, but you're not quite ready to buy stuff that isn't available via the Shop Wizard? This is the section for you. If you're just looking to farm your daily 15 items from the Battledome and don't care about making your pet much stronger after that, you might not even need to advance past this segment of the market. That's what over two decades of power creep will do for you!

Almost all of the weapons on this page should be buyable on the Shop Wizard with a price under 1 million Neopoints. The healers in this section are also mostly meant for pets with at least 50 maximum hit points—you may be served just as well by a cheaper option if your pet doesn't have that much HP yet.


Constant Attackers

Before you continue: if you participated in The Wraith Resurgence plot back in 2017-2018, check to see if you have any of these two constants. These two weapons pack even more raw power than a Sword of Skardsen, but they're no-trade, so if you don't have them, you can't get them.

Use These If You Have Them!

Otherwise, you're looking at these fine still-buyable but somewhat-expensive weapons:

Turned Tooth is the dividing line between beginner and intermediate battling. While its minimum damage is "only" 13 icons per attack (which can matter in some situations), it averages about 15.3 icons, and it has a good chance of dealing more than that. It tends to be very affordable for its effect, though sometimes it's the target of inflation. Since its rarity is only 83, ambitious restockers should find ample opportunity to restock one from the Tyrannian Weaponry Shop in such a scenario.

Tyrannian Sceptre, Yooyu Knuckle Duster, and Magic Gridlock Gun are all interchangeable: they deal 14 icons every time. Sometimes they're cheaper than Turned Tooth, but they usually aren't. Among these three, the best one is the cheapest one, but Turned Tooth is usually better unless it's a lot more expensive.

Bowling Ball of Lost Cities has a solid niche in its ability to deal 15 icons every time it's used. Unfortunately, it's usually more expensive than Turned Tooth, since it doesn't restock in any store.

Roxtons Trusty Bowie Knife is like a Bowling Ball of Lost Cities that also blocks 75% of all incoming earth—that 75% block works identically for a pet with 1 defence as it does for a pet with 750 defence, so your decision to skip defence day at the Training School will feel a little less bad now. If you got this from the Advent Calendar and don't have anything better, you should probably be using this!


Cursed Elixir of Neovia heals up to 40 HP while also dealing 2 icons of physical damage. It's unique in that regard.

Greater Healing Scroll and Helm of Recovery are functionally identical: they heal up to 50 HP. The one you should get is the one you can get the cheapest, so if you're in the market for one, be sure to check the price of both.

Parachuting First Aid kit is a big step up in price, but it's a huge step up in power. It heals you by 33% of your maximum HP—it's the first healer in this guide that grows with your pet! Keep in mind that it only becomes better than a Greater Healing Scroll once your pet reaches 150 maximum HP.

But wait! Your species might have a species-specific healer that's even better than a Parachuting First Aid kit! Whether it's cheaper is another story, though many of these will be. If your battle pet's species happens to be listed in the following list and you don't plan on changing it, you should consider getting them one of these species healers. Squishy Shoyru Healing Stone gets a dishonorable mention here for costing more than our soft 1m limit.

Better than any of these other weapons is the recently-released Feel Better Soup. If you got this in the Advent Calendar, you should absolutely be using it, because it's got the second-best healing effect in the game—a 50% species-agnostic heal plus fully blocking all air on the turn you use it—behind only the insanely expensive 100% healers.


Jhudoras Potion was as expensive as a Sword of Skardsen for a long time, but it has come down in price significantly since then. It's the strongest attacking bomb that's still buyable at an average of about 20.85 icons, but you can only equip one.

Thistleberry Pingrenade is a somewhat-forgotten bomb that appears to do a similar icon spread as Turned Tooth. It's not as strong as Jhudoras Potion, so it's not very necessary, but it's not bad overall.

Lightning in a Bottle has a good niche for being the cheapest way to guarantee 15 icons on a weapon that isn't one-use. If you find yourself bemoaning that 13-icon minimum of Turned Tooth, this is your cheapest way around it.


Unfortunately, you can't usually get a no-compromise freezer at this price level, but if you're willing to make a concession or two you may be able to (finally) start freezing your opponents! It's a good way to increase the amount of damage you can do before getting hit, since you can use your freezer on the same turn you use Lens Flare/Warlock's Rage.

You can choose to compromise on fragility with a cheap freezer that always works but can break sometimes. Ancient Lupe Wand can only be used by Lupes, but it breaks less often than Scroll of Freezing, which in turn breaks less often than Terror Stone. If one of these items breaks, it goes away forever, and you'll need to buy another one, so you'll want to save these for your important battles:

Cheap Fragile Freezers That Always Work

You can choose to change your pet's species to a species that is fortunate enough to have a species freezer that always works. If your battle pet is already a Lenny, you should absolutely get one of these if you don't already have a better freezer:

Great Species Weapons - Freezers

You can choose to get freezers that don't always work, but are cheap and are not fragile. Unfortunately, their unreliability makes them a poor choice for farming Battledome drops.

Cheap Freezers That Don't Always Work

Unfortunately, with the rotation of Sleep Ray out of the Weekly Quest Log prize pool, it's no longer buyable. You'll have to look into the Advanced section of this guide for your 100% all-species freezers.

Defensive Options

By now your pet should either already have the Lens Flare ability or your pet should be getting it soon, so it's better to invest the bulk of your money into items that do more damage and pet training.

Intermediate - Defensive Items

Downsize! is still so cheap and good that it's probably still worth holding on to.

Thick Smoke Bomb is a single-use weapon that blocks all incoming damage on the turn you use it. It's expensive enough that you won't want to use one every battle, but if you're struggling to beat an avatar-granting opponent it could help you win.

Sample Sets

Intermediate Set 1

Here's an example of what your set might look like if you've just bought two Turned Tooth—the basic structure of the core of your set isn't very different, but there's no shame in that. The Jhudoras Potion isn't mandatory, but the extra damage can be nice in some situations.

Intermediate Set 2

This set samples the most expensive but most powerful items in each category that you can buy off the Shop Wizard and don't care about your pet's species: Bowie Knife and Jhudoras Potion are your strongest attacking items, and Feel Better Soup's healing grows with your pet as long as you keep training.

Intermediate Set 3

This set demonstrates some of the alternate options laid out above. Sword of Malum + Blazing Embers are both functionally identical and they're both better than Roxtons Trusty Bowie Knife. Lennies happen to have both a good species freezer, but the all-species options are still great if your pet's species isn't fortunate enough to have a good freezer.

This article was written by: macosten