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Weapon Recommendations

Many Neopets players ask the question: "Which weapons are worth wielding to wallop my opponents?" Whether you're looking to simply farm your daily drops from your challenger of choice, prepare for a plot, or just to test the limits of you and your Neopet, the weapons you choose to use can be the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat.

This guide is written with 1-Player battling in mind. If you're looking to get into 2-Player battling, check out our League 54 Home!

This guide's pages are roughly divided by budget and how strong your pet is expected to be given that budget. Outliers will be noted when they appear.


Whether you're reading this far because you're actually not sure what to buy with your hundreds of millions, or if you're just interested in reading about the most expensive weaponry still cost-effective in single-player battling, brace yourself for high damage outputs and eight-digit and nine-digit price tags!

We're completely divorced from budgetary constraints on this page! You should definitely have a pet with maxed boosts and a big HP stat by now as well.


As you read this section please note: there are plenty of other less-optimal weapons that you can use for fun if you've got pockets this deep, but in the interest of brevity, not every item will be listed here. If your favorite expensive weapon isn't here, it's probably because (in single-player battles specifically) something cheaper does its job better.

Offensive Options

Neopia's list of legendary weapons may be long, but when it comes to constant attackers that are actually price-effective, the list is actually very short. Then there's Hubrids Puzzle Box.

With its 20 icons of attacking muscle at its relatively low price point, Fan of Swords makes many famous weapons from Neopia's past impractical for 1P battles. Ghostkersword, Monoceraptors Claw, and Faerie Slingshot are examples of weapons that all average about 20 icons, but are so expensive that their price-to-power ratio is much worse than the options in this list.

Wand of the Dark Faerie is one of the best weapons in the game. You get a competitively-priced, super-strong attack, just a tenth of an icon less than Ghostkerbomb on average while not being limited to one use per battle. You also get that signature 25% multiheal (when your pet is under 25% of their maximum HP) and 75% light reflection. This is one of those endgame weapons that definitely belongs on your set, if you can afford it.

Ever since being released as an extremely rare bonus prize in the 2023 Advent Calendar, Seasonal Attack Pea has become an "affordable" choice for battlers that are seeking an extreme level of power, sinking to a price of "only" around 110-150 million Neopoints at the time of writing. This cute little legume's constant 28 icons of damage means it's more powerful the Wand of the Dark Faerie's average hit, though it lacks the Wand's other utility. If you got one from the Advent Calendar, I would treasure it greatly!

Despite being released back in 2004, Super Attack Pea is still the strongest constant attacker in the game, packing the same 32 icons it always has. While it has risen in price recently, it is still cheaper than the ordinary Attack Pea and Grapes of Wrath, which is why they are not on this list. There's really not much more to it: you just can't pack more raw attacking power than this!

Hubrids Puzzle Box is only useful when you're up against an opponent with many thousands of HP. If you are, then it can drain for a lot more HP than you'd be able to deal with conventional weapons... but that's only relevant against the toughest Battledome challengers on their highest difficulties.


All of these healers are functionally identical: they fully heal your pet to their maximum HP. The only difference is price.

Leaded Elemental Vial is the cheapest for two reasons. First, its rarity of 99 means it can be restocked from the Royal Potionery, though it will be very difficult for even a seasoned restocker to grab as it is highly sought-after. Secondly, it can technically be consumed if you're careless with it in your inventory, so it's best to equip and unequip this one exclusively from the Battledome's Stats page!

Jade Scorchstone was once available in the Hidden Tower, but those days are long gone. It's more expensive than Leaded Elemental Vial largely because it's nostalgic, but you also can't accidentally have your pet drink it. Is that worth the extra expense to you?

Jewelled Scarab is the peak of extravagance: it's the same 100% heal as the other items listed here for several times as much. The sale price can vary a lot depending on the deal you get, but needless to say, it'll be at least a few hundred million Neopoints. You've probably got better things to spend your Neopoints on... unless you don't. You know your bank account best, after all.


Elite - Freezers

Thunder Sticks is, in a vacuum, the most powerful freezer in the game. It does the most damage of any freezer, freezes 100% of the time, and blocks 100% of very relevant icon type. While it is expensive, it is almost an order of magnitude less expensive than the nearest alternative, Moehog Skull.

Moehog Skull is the classic elite freezer. Even though Thunder Sticks have certainly stolen its thunder, it is by no means weak: 15 icons on a freezer and a bit of earth and dark defence is still very powerful. It's very tough to justify buying over Thunder Sticks for power level reasons, but if you find yourself looking into those beady, skeletal eyes and just can't look away, it's not quite an indefensible purchase. Its strengths just happen to be suited more suited to two-player battles that allow it.

Defensive Options

Yes! We're finally at a price bracket where Downsize! has true upgrades for its price, and The Mystical Tablet isn't the only multi-use weapon in our recommendations.

Thyoras Tear is like a Downsize! that blocks 100% of all incoming damage instead of 50%. It's pretty good, but very expensive. The most nimble of restockers may be able to restock one from the Defence Magic Shop, but beware: you will have a lot of competition.

Castle Defenders Shield is like a Thyoras Tear, but orders of magnitude more expensive due to being a very old plot prize. It's not easy to find one of these, let alone buy one... but if you manage to do both, you can use this as a second Thyoras Tear. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that!

Thick Smoke Bomb does a nice impression of the above two weapons. It's here because you can equip it alongside either (or both!) of the above 100% blockers. At this level of riches, the price of a few Thick Smoke Bombs is basically a rounding error, so this could be your second (or third!) Thyoras Tear if you need it.

Rod of Dark Nova and The Mystical Tablet both serve a similar purpose: when facing the Drenched or the Qasalan Mummy on Strong/Medium or Mighty/Hard, they both happen to block two relevant icon types. The edge probably goes to The Mystical Tablet for its much lower price and the fact that you can pair it with a fire reflector more easily, but decent strategies for either challenger can be crafted with either.

Finally, Sword of Lameness goes here instead of anywhere else for its very unique blend of traits. It costs your healer and freezer slots (so you can't use this with your Thunder Sticks or Jade Scorchstone), but in return, you get the 1-in-8 chances to multifreeze or heal back to full HP! The only problem: this isn't useful in almost any situation.

The only time this is actively good is when both of the following are true:

  1. A one-player challenger has a lot of HP (thousands to hundreds of thousands).
  2. That same challenger has a strength boost low enough so that this plus Wand of the Dark Faerie can actually grant you functional invincibility, and you won't just get blown away by several thousand damage per turn.

There just isn't a challenger like this right now—the last time there was a challenger like this was the end of the original Obelisk War, when the final bosses were unleashed. Unfortunately, it's tough to truly recommend something so rarely useful, but in case the day finally comes once again, you'll now have Sword of Lameness in the back of your mind.


Reflectors are the secret to beating the super-duper difficult Battledome challengers with thousands or tens of thousands of HP and damage boosts that do dozens or hundreds of damage per icon. Even the mighty Super Attack Pea at 16 damage per icon, the most your pet will be able to do, is soundly embarrassed by even an Attack Fork, for example, when that Attack Fork is backed by a strength boost doing 195 damage per icon.

The reflectors you choose will be different depending on which of those insanely difficult challengers you're looking to defeat, so you'll need to rotate them in and out of your set as the challenger you're trying to fight changes. You'll need far more than just Lens Flare and a couple good attackers to win!

Wand of the Dark Faerie just so happens to have 75% light reflection as one of its three effects—that's as good as a Combo Battle Mirror, on top of its attack and multiheal. Superior Reflection Shield may still get the nod in certain situations, like against the Space Faerie on Hard/Mighty, when the extra reflection percentage actually results in you dealing more damage to her, thanks to her insane strength boost at that difficulty. Still, Wand is probably going to be enough for your light reflecting needs the vast majority of the time.

Triple Turbo Dryer and Ultra Dual Shovel reflect air and earth, respectively. At 75% reflection each, they're actually the best reflectors of their types in the game! Unless TNT decides to release new 81-100% reflectors in the Hidden Tower, these two will likely stay best-in-class.

Ultimate Dark Reflectorb is a 75% dark reflector; so is Crystal Plateau Dacardian Shield. You can only get the Shield by playing Neopets: Island Builders and completing all the quests concerning the purple Crystal Plateau area; it's no-trade otherwise, so if you can't stomach the game, you'll have to pony up for an Ultimate Dark Reflectorb or skip the dark reflector. The Shield also blocks 7 physical icons, but that's really just a bonus.

Flame Reflectozap and Mega U-Bend reflect 75% of fire and water, respectively. Their retired Hidden Tower versions, Reflectozap 2000 and U-Bend of Great Justice, both reflect 81-100% of their respective icon type, but they both carry a much steeper price tag. Still, the extra reflection may matter, especially against challengers that like to deal tens of thousands of damage, like the U-Bend against the Snowager on Hard/Mighty. These are not challengers you'll be able to just tank hits from, so the quality of your reflectors dictates is the strongest factor influencing your chances of success against them!

Sample Sets

Elite—General 1P Set

This is probably the set of gratuitous power you came here to see. Between dual Super Attack Peas, Thunder Sticks, Warlock's Rage, Lens Flare, and the Faerie Ability An Icicle, that's 2912 uncontested damage. Thyoras Tear will probably make that a little bit higher. If that's not enough, Wand of the Dark Faerie's light reflection will probably come in handy.

What goes in the remaining two slots? Anything you want! It won't really affect your main strategy for when you want to win, so go crazy: Dual Faerie Slingshots, a Hubrids Odial Sphere, a Plastic Butter Knife...

Elite—Beat the Space Faerie (On Strong or Mighty)

Here's something different: a set designed to help you beat the Space Faerie, in her Strong (Medium) or Mighty (Hard) modes! It won't always win, since there's always the risk she just uses Lens Flare a bunch of times in a row, but that's just an unfortunate part of the game. With her tens of thousands of HP (11000 on Strong or 22000 on Mighty), and hundreds of damage per icon (195 per icon on Strong, or 390 per icon on Mighty), you will not have much luck beating her using regular attacks. Reflection is your only hope.

The Space Faerie attacks with lots of fire, light, and physical, with a touch of dark and water. The Mystical Tablet, a Fire reflector, and a Light reflector all deal with almost all of her damage. Superior Reflection Shield's extra light reflection and hint of water reflection are actually extremely relevant here, but Wand of the Dark Faerie's healing can also help bring you back from the brink in certain scenarios, if your pet's HP is high enough.

If you're facing off against her on Mighty, you'll want to get her to use her Jade Scorchstone early, then use your Evil Hubrid Statue (the last form of your Hubrids Puzzle Box). You might not find this necessary on Strong.

When you want to reflect as much damage as possible at the risk of taking a bit more yourself, use your fire and light reflectors together. You can also hide behind The Mystical Tablet if you're more concerned about her physical and dark icons for the turn. Think you're about to lose? Leaded Elemental Vial can heal you back to full. Unfortunately, you can't realistically stall her out with a Sword of Lameness, because her damage output is far too high. That eye-watering damage boost is actually part of why Thunder Sticks shines here: that 100% physical block really will block all of her physical damage the turn you use it. Thyoras Tear can buy you a turn, which can carry you over the finish line if she's nearly defeated, or can mean an extra bit of multihealing with Wand of the Dark Faerie.

If you manage to beat her on one these high difficulties, but already have the Space Faerie avatar, you will unfortunately not get a second one.

This article was written by: macosten