Weapon Recommendations

Many Neopets players ask the question: "Which weapons are worth wielding to wallop my opponents?" Whether you're looking to simply farm your daily drops from your challenger of choice, prepare for a plot, or just to test the limits of you and your Neopet, the weapons you choose to use can be the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat.

This guide is written with 1-Player battling in mind. If you're looking to get into 2-Player battling, check out our League 54 Home!

This guide's pages are roughly divided by budget and how strong your pet is expected to be given that budget. Outliers will be noted when they appear.


Welcome to the world of power bordering on gratuitous. I'm not just saying that either: if you're just looking to farm your daily drops, you probably don't need to pony up the dough for these items. If your pet isn't yet at the maximum strength boost (750 strength or more), you should strongly consider putting your money towards training before dropping millions on one of the more expensive items listed here. On the other hand, if you're looking to push your pet to the limit, or you really just want to finally play with the Hidden Tower's treasures, you're in the right place!

We aren't quite assuming an unlimited budget yet, though: the weapons on this page all have price tags of up to roughly 15 million Neopoints (the approximate price of a Fan of Swords). Your pet should have enough maximum HP by now that the healers listed here will heal more than 50 HP. If they don't, you should be looking at the healers on the other pages... and at spending some of that money on training instead of weapon upgrades!


If you're looking for the quick rundown of what unbuyable things you'll want first, you'll probably want a 100% freezer (a freezer that works 100% of the time), and then a Ghostkerbomb. Turned Tooth and Void Blade are strong enough that they make upgrading to the next level of constant a lower priority.

Constant Attackers

Before you continue: if you participated in The Wraith Resurgence plot back in 2017-2018, check to see if you have any of these two constants. These two weapons pack even more raw power than a Sword of Skardsen, but they're no-trade, so if you don't have them, you can't get them. If you've got them, you'll be using these until you're ready to upgrade them each to a Fan of Swords - which cost eight figures!

Use These If You Have Them!

If you don't have Blazing Embers or Sword of Malum, you may want to consider these fine weapons:

Yes, Void Blade is still good. It's best to be packing two of these until you've already bought your 100% freezer and a Ghostkerbomb anyway, so I hope you like them.

The Anagram Swords - named for the darkness-dealing Sword of Skardsen - are a class of weapons that all do the same raw damage but with different icon types. They include the aforementioned Sword of Skardsen, and the Swords of Ari, Reif, Thigl, Tawre, and Thare. Pirate Captains Cutlass and Kelpbeards Trident are listed alongside them because they do the same number of raw icons with the same distribution.

Which one of these weapons, all of which do the same raw amount of damage, should you get (after you get your 100% freezer and Ghostkerbomb)? Whichever one is the cheapest, of course - unless you really like the aesthetic or really want to attack with a specific type of icon.

Fan of Swords is the strongest constant attacker in the Hidden Tower. It attacks for the same 20 icons every time - the 5 physical block is a nice added touch. While it's a pretty big step up in price for only a slight step up in raw power, that's the norm from here on in!


If your battle pet's species is not lucky enough to have a good species healer, your options for percentage healers are limited:

Parachuting First Aid kit is still a great value: as previously mentioned, a buyable 33% heal is good.

If the First Aid kit isn't cutting it anymore, a Bag of Healing Dust heals 50% of your maximum HP, but it's significantly more expensive; expensive enough that it may be cheaper overall to morph your pet so it can use one of the good species healers... which is something many battlers are not willing to do. Lab Rats can rarely make use of species weapons anyway thanks to those species-changing zaps.

If you are fortunate enough to have a battler whose species has a good species healer listed below, you'll want to use it, as they're all as good as Bag of Healing Dust:


Believe it or not, Jhudoras Potion's average 20.83 icons is still a hair more than any of the constants listed in this section, so it's still worth using even alongside the big guns.

Ghostkerbomb is the most significant jump in power from whatever constants you're using. If you've already bought your 100% freezer, this is what you'll want next. That 25.5 icon average is very strong - not bad for a weapon first released in 2003! The only catch is that you're limited to one Ghostkerbomb per set.

Maractite Bomb is identical to Ghostkerbomb, but it attacks with water and light icons instead of fire and earth icons. Since Ghostkerbomb is limited to one per set, Maractite Bomb will serve as that second Ghostkerbomb if that's what you're looking for. Because it's a Smuggler's Cove item, a Maractite Bomb is noticeably more expensive than a Ghostkerbomb, so it's not something you'll want to buy unless you already have a Ghostkerbomb and want more of that same power.


You've finally made it to the price bracket where you're no longer making compromises with the reliability of your freezer or dealing with keeping your pet a specific species! Your first unbuyable weapon should almost certainly be a good 100% freezer. Generally, among these, the best one to get is the one you can get the most cheaply.

Freezers That Always Work and Never Break!

H4000 Helmet is the most basic of the 100% freezers - it freezes your opponent and does nothing else. It's usually the cheapest of the freezers listed here, but not always, so it's worth checking to make sure.

Freezing Potion is a 100% freezer that also deals 2 water icons of damage. The extra damage doesn't often matter much since it's only 2 icons, but it's certainly a nice bonus over something like H4000 Helmet. You may be able to restock one in the Ice Crystal Shop with some luck and patience, but it's a coveted rarity 98 item so you will have some competition for it.

Heavy Blue Tunic is an interesting option for the bookworms of Neopia; for pets with under 1000 intelligence it's just a crummy rarity 99 shield, but for pets with over 1000 intelligence it's a 100% freezer that blocks a 2 icons each of air, water, and fire as a bonus! The block is weak enough to be even less significant than Freezing Potion's attack, but if you can snag one for less than the Potion or Helmet, or if you can restock it from the Brightvale Armoury then it's worth using if your pet is intelligent enough.

Magical Marbles of Mystery is like a Freezing Potion that deals 3 physical icons instead of 2 water icons. It's noticeably more expensive than the other freezers listed here, but you'll have to pay a lot more to get a freezer that does even one more icon of damage, so it may be worth picking up if you really do want the extra bit of power but aren't ready to upgrade further.

Of course, if your pet's species is lucky enough to have a species-specific 100% freezer, then you may want to consider using one of those instead:

The Golden Peophin Harp blocks 3 dark too, but like with the Heavy Blue Tunic, that extra bit of defense isn't likely to matter.

Defensive Options

Advanced - Defensive Options

Are you tired of seeing Downsize! in these lists yet? Too bad, because it's still pretty good even at this price bracket!

Since Thyoras Tear is still a bit out of the price range for this section of the guide, Thick Smoke Bomb remains as a way to get a taste of its power, but you will have to replace it with every use.

About the Hidden Tower Shields

You can pick up one of the Hidden Tower shields if you really want to, but we would not recommend them for regular single-player Battledome play as they all have two very fundamental problems:

  1. They don't help get your opponent's HP down to zero, which makes them unnecessary against weaker opponents that will easily succumb to your Lens Flare + Warlock's Rage + Freezer turns.
  2. Since your defence is capped at 16 damage blocked per defensive icon, but the strongest of 1P challengers have boosts that go well beyond 16 damage per icon, any block that isn't a percentage-based block is not useful against very strong 1P opponents.

The Hidden Tower shields are great in 2-Player battling formats that allow them, but for the 1-Player battler there are better places to park your Neopoints.


If you're wondering how you might be able to beat some of those super-difficult challengers with thousands of HP and monstrously-high attack boosts, reflection is one of the keys! The reflectors listed here all reflect at least 75% of an icon.

Superior Reflection Shield and Combo Battle Mirror both reflect light, but Superior Reflection Shield is better as it reflects 100% of light and 25% of water, while the Combo Battle Mirror only reflects 75% of light. Superior Reflection Shield will usually be more expensive as a result.

Triple Turbo Dryer and Ultra Dual Shovel reflect air and earth, respectively. At 75% reflection each, they're actually the best reflectors of their types in the game!

Ultimate Dark Reflectorb is a 75% dark reflector; so is Crystal Plateau Dacardian Shield. You can only get the Shield by playing Neopets: Island Builders and completing all the quests concerning the purple Crystal Plateau area; it's no-trade otherwise, so if you can't stomach the game, you'll have to pony up for an Ultimate Dark Reflectorb or skip the dark reflector. The Shield also blocks 7 physical icons, but that's really just a bonus.

Flame Reflectozap and Mega U-Bend reflect 75% of fire and water, respectively. They both have very expensive retired Hidden Tower upgrades that reflect 81-100% of their respective icon, but the 75% reflection offered here may still be good enough depending on the opponent.

Sample Sets

Advanced Set 1

This set is just Intermediate Set #2 with two very significant additions: an H4000 Helmet as a 100% freezer, and a Ghostkerbomb for that very noticeable burst of extra damage.

Ghostkerbomb + Jhudoras Potion is the most damage you can do in a turn, but with two Void Blades, you won't be lacking offense if the battle lasts longer than those two bombs do.

Advanced Set 2

This set is what happens when you take the above set and then upgrade everything that can be upgrade for less than 10 million Neopoints. The power difference between Void Blade and the cheapest anagram-level constant is not that great, so this is definitely somewhat of an optional purchase.

The cheapest anagram-level constant is usually Sword of Skardsen, but it's always best to shop around to see if any of the others prove to be a cheaper option, since Kelpbeards Trident and Pirate Captains Cutlass were also very popular back in the day.

The extra 2 icons from Freezing Potion over H4000 Helmet don't usually matter enough to spend a ton of extra cash on it, but every so often Freezing Potion may end up being cheaper or very close in price to H4000 Helmet, so it's still worth checking the prices of both!

Advanced Set 3

This is just about as expensive as you can make a set (plus or minus a Maractite Bomb in the final slot) at this level. Dual Fan of Swords provides the strongest constant attacking punch, while Ghostkerbomb continues to provide unparalleled burst damage for the price.

Fan of Swords + Ghostkerbomb is notable for being one of the cheapest combinations of weapons that will knock out the Giant Space Fungus on Mighty in one move when used with Lens Flare by a pet with at least 750 Strength. It's the highest damage benchmark relevant to farming your daily 15 items - and if that's all you're worried about, you might not need much more than that.

This article was written by: macosten