Honey Potion (r101) [Special]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis potion is a great way to put your opponent in a sticky situation! Only one per pet. Limited Use. Honey Potion

Once per Battle

Average Rating [?]
Attack *earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**earth**physical* + *physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
JN Price 101,000 NP
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Quest Prizes - This item was released as a prize for one of the various quests in Neopia.
Notes Illusen's Quest Prize : Level 35
*limit_one* Limit One
Distributions - Honey Potion
Minimum: 13.30
Maximum: 16.00
Mean: 14.65
Ratings - Honey Potion
Price/Power (1/5)
Barely 16 icons, and only sometimes. Given the increase in icon numbers you are likely better either springing for something more expensive or waiting for a plot prize.

Countermeasures (2/5)
Once per battle is its own weakness. It should be said that the bulk grass icons is not bad- unless you run into the Pretty Negg Shield or other percentage blocker for earth.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
If you have the Cobrall Utility Blade you may wish to use that- but if what you want is bulk hardish to block icons why not think of the Flask of Liquid Fire instead.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
I have avoided rating the Honey Potion for YEARS because I knew my views would tank the score but... eh.

Rated on September 29, 2022

This weapon will only be rated for Regular 1P/2P use, since it doesn't have any niche or league use.

Price (1/3): Doesn't cost much, but Turned Tooth doesn't either, and does way more damage than this while being multiuse.

Power (0/5): 13 icons are good for a multiuse weapon. For a bomb... You need at the very least twice that, so this weapon has become worthless.

Uniqueness (0/2): bombs aren't rare, mass earth isn't rare.

Overall It's not what it used to be. Even a few years ago this wasn't really that useful. Icon inflation has made this little more than a gallery item. Because of that its final rating is 1/10.

Rated on April 30, 2019

Power: 2/5
A "bomb" with just 13-16 icons isn't really much and certainly nothing to fit into many sets. As of writing you'll find this starting at 400k which isn't all that much, but is it really worth it? I think you'll be better off skipping this completely and saving straight for something like Altador Cup Throwing Star, Ylanas Blaster, Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting or even Stone Foam Finger. If you can't wait and just need a little step up from your Scroll of Knowledge or whatever this may fare you well, but it probably won't help you all that much.

Counters: 2/3
While blocking earth isn't particularly hard and Leaf Shield will take a big bunch out of this chances are that your opponent won't be able to completely stop the mass of earth icons Honey Potion provides which does give it a nice little edge similar to it's bigger brother Ghostkerbomb.

Uniqueness: 0/1
A bomb that couldn't withstand the test of time, nothing special here.

Bonus: 0/1
One of the items that simple seem overrated to me and given it's low price I don't really see a good niche for it seeing how easily obtainable 13-15 iconers are now.

Rated on August 9, 2013

To be honest, I find the beloved Honey Potion to be just a bit overrated. I feel that that this weapon continues to be recommended to newcomers out of habit, despite 15-icon muffins being available for under 100NP and Multiple Use 13-iconers available for about a million Neopoints. Still, Honey Potion is actually a pretty choice of bomb despite the competition.

Honey Potion averages 14.65 icons, with a whopping 13 of those icons as Earth. Compared to the 15-icon muffins which deal 5 icons of three different types, Honey Potion's attack is much more focused rather than scattered. There are numerous Earth-blocking Shields in low level battling, such as fellow Illusens Quest prize Leaf Shield, but nothing can come close to stopping 13 Earth icons. Although there is no total icon upgrade in using Honey Potion over the 15-icon muffins, there is a strong chance that at least part of Honey Potion's attack will make it through opposing defenses.

Additionally, Honey Potion is more convenient as it does not involve constantly buying and equipping a new muffin. At the time of this review, the 15-icon muffins have already spiked to 300NP or more a piece based on plot speculation, meaning finding a well-priced Honey Potion could alleviate the need for costly war-inflated muffins.

At a price of 400k-500k, Honey Potion is much cheaper than Multiple Use 13-icon weapons like Altador Cup Throwing Star. Unlike the budget debate of Ghostkerbomb vs. Skarls Hasty Mace or Kelpbeards Trident, Honey Potion does not provide as significant of a damage increase over 13-icon weaponry. For those that can afford a 13-icon weapon like Altador Cup Throwing Star...
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