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Cursed Elixir (r99) [Super Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis powerful potion may take your opponents life force and give it to you. Remember it is cursed though, so things may not turn out as expected... Limited Use. Only one healing item can be equipped to your pet! Cursed Elixir

Once per Battle

Average Rating [?]
Attack *physical* + *physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects *heal* 20 HP (Overhealing Drain)
Actual Icons
JN Price 2,100 NP
Restocks At Haunted Weaponry
Used By Shadow Phantom Annihilator
Shadow Phantom Tormentor
Shadow Phantom Zealot
Shadow Spectre Zealot
Void Prowler
Special Categorization None
Notes *limit_one* Limit One Healing Item.
This item is an overhealer.
Distributions - Cursed Elixir
Minimum: 0.30
Maximum: 3.00
Mean: 1.65
Ratings - Cursed Elixir
Strengths(4/5): It offers a unique effect which is shared only by two other items: Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo and Crisp Blue Tunic. Unlike the other two mentioned, this is the most consistent and doesn’t have hoops to go through like the others do, such as having to pay attention to your HP and your opponent’s or having an intelligence requirement. In addition, even when opponents have fewer than 20 hit points you’re still healing yourself for 20. This allows brand new battlers to easily grind weak opponents such as Chia Clown regardless of their pet’s stats and without having to repetitively visit the healing springs with just a single item.

Weaknesses(2/3): Due to the nature of this item, its utility quickly falls off after some training due to the minimal effect strength has on this item, though its unique take on HP drain generally makes up for this while your pet is still weak.

Other healing options(1/2): Greater Healing Scroll costs around the same and will heal for 50 rather 20. Most species healers are within budget as well though they aren’t without downsides of their own. The pet must share the species of the item and they require the pet to have higher HP to be cost-effective. Some examples of species healers are Gelert healing Remedy, Healing Ankh of the Nimmo and Kacheek life potion.

Comments: I often recommend this item to those getting started in the battledome who still have very weak pets, if you are a seasoned battler this is not for you. Keep in mind, this item is often outgrown faster than other items in its price range. Be careful not confuse it with Cursed Elixir of Neovia ...
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Value 3/3: This weapon absolutely shines for beginning battlers right now, well under 50k after the Spooky Food Contest giveaway and it's likely to stay under 50k for a while. It's power is superb, and the price is right.

Tactical 6/6: This weapon deals 20 points of unblockable damage. Plus a few extra physical icons for icing on the metaphorical cake. I don't think I have to explain why unblockable damage is tactically valuable.

It also heals you for 20, which is a respectable amount at any low level.

What's the total difference? This puts you not 20, but 40hp ahead of your opponent.

Let's crunch some numbers:
At an average 14.65 icons, a honey potion at the 85 boost does around 37 damage. At an average 18 icons, an anagram sword with the 55 boost does an average of 36 damage. A ghostkerbomb at the 35 boost does a similar amount of damage. That means while your STR boost is low, this weapon can put you ahead farther than an unbuyable bomb, a 10M Hidden Tower sword, or even a 7M hidden tower bomb.

Yes, it's only once-per-battle, but the HP differential here is great.

Other 1/1: I'm very hesitant to give any weapon a 10. But this one becoming cheap promises to be a game-changer for new battlers. I don't think it's any stretch to say that this is the definitive weapon for beginning battlers (low strength boost, low budget). If you're just starting out, this weapon could be better than a multi-million weapon and it's buyable for only a few thousand NP. This weapon puts you ahead by 40hp and the damage is does is unblockable. Some might say that's not worth ...
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Price/Power (2/5)
I am no fan of the niche use of this item, while this is a great noobinator item I just never saw the point of spending the huge price for such a tiny effect.... I mean the Everlasting Crystal Apple offers this level of heal multiuse (without the drain mind) for a pretty major premium. However, since the eating contest lowered the cost of this dramatically it has became much more useful then the Lesser Healing Scroll as a healer at this level by far. *Edit* The prices have since started to rise again dramatically.

Countermeasures (2/5)
Not only does this item heal, but it also drains down the opponent. That alone should show you how useful this can be compared to the Lesser Healing Scroll. However the best healing items these days aren't this, and with how far many options are dropping due to the plot the main reason you'd want this is for its overheal, which it isn't really great with.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
The value in this is no longer the healing amount, but the value of the overheal. This means the best option in this class in my mind is currently the Blue Scorchstone due to how cheap it is vs other options. The best overhealer is likely The Mystical Tablet- though it does come at a premium.

Other Points
As I know people will be looking at this for the plot, it is not that it is "bad" per-say, just that it won't help as much as it could with low end battling. The damage is nice, but if you combine an overhealer with a decent freezer, good multiuse and a Hanso Charisma Charm you'll do much better than using this.

Final Thoughts
Changing' ...
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Power: 5/5
Thanks to the current event you can get this at the shop wiz for under 10k putting it into the ballpark of Lesser Healing Scroll and the likes which is simply incredible for a drainer. A 20HP drain is simply amazing in low-HP battles as it can essentially guarantee you a win. Even though you'll quickly outgrow this if you do train, this is totally worth getting for the cheap price it currently carries with the next real upgrade being the far more expensive Greater Healing Scroll or Helm of Recovery.

Counters: 3/3
Here goes the great thing about draining: there's nothing your opponent can do about it besides healing themselves.

Uniqueness: 1/1
This is the only item that actually drains HP from your opponent besides the far more expensive Crisp Blue Tunic which - unlike Cursed Elixir - also has various restrictions to make the drain work.

Bonus: 1/1
Yay, you can actually afford it before outgrowing it now!

Rated on September 29, 2013. Updated July 9, 2024

Cursed Elixir is an interesting weapon to say the least. This once per battle weapon will inflict 20 points of direct damage to the opponent while also healing the user 20HP, a mechanism typically known as "draining". In addition, this weapon will inflict 0.3 to 3 Physical icons.

Obviously, the sprinkling of Physical icons is not Cursed Elixir's selling point. This weapon command a price between 500k to 1M for its ability to drain 20 hitpoints.

By no means is Cursed Elixir an item for pets of all sizes. For general use, pets with more than 50-60 or so hitpoints will not find Cursed Elixir useful. The exception to this rule of thumb would be the L97 format; I will elaborate on L97 usage later in this review.

The 20 HP heal that Cursed Elixir offers is not particularly strong, but the fact that this weapon's drain results in a 40HP swing makes it quite desirable for some players. First time battlers will be better off using cheaper, more traditional healer options like Lesser Healing Scroll, Blue Scorchstone, and Greater Healing Scroll, but experienced users starting out on a new account will sometimes pick up a Cursed Elixir for general use while their pets are still small.

In the 2-Player arena, Cursed Elixir is quite deadly. In League 4, where the typical builds are 33/35/55 and 57/20/35, a 40HP swing can be incredibly powerful. Inexperienced battlers will easily fall victim to Cursed Elixir. Unfortunately, this weapon is oftentimes banned from play in 2-Player tournaments, a testament to its power in low-league battling.

In the L97 format, Cursed Elixir is one of the three elite healers in the...
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Overview:A favorite among "noobinators", the Cursed Elixir is quickly outgrown, but really shines in low-HP battling.

The Good: If your pet is 50hp and lower, this weapon is disastrous when used against you. Recovering from this plus something like Ghostkerbomb would be unlikely. The only counter against this is to over-heal with a Bronze/Red/Blue/Green Scorchstone or use a Cursed Elixir at the same time as the other person using it, effectively cancelling them out.

The Bad: The Cursed Elixir is very easily outgrown. For the price, you can snag a Green Scorchstone or a Rejuvenating Jar of Brains with np left over. Both of these options would be more helpful as the HP of your pets and your opponents continues to rise.

The Ugly Truth: For low-hp battles, this really has a niche as a noob-killer. Unfortunately, it doesn't really have much of a place outside of that. However, as long as you understand when and how the Cursed Elixir should be used, you'll dominate in low-HP battles.

Rated on August 1, 2013. Updated July 9, 2024