Ultra Dual Shovel (r99) [Super Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis item is no ordinary shovel... it will give a little of your opponents attack back to them. You can only equip one of these. Ultra Dual Shovel


Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect *-earth* 75%
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Defence Magic
Used By Darigan Elemental
Lord Darigan
Special Categorization None
Notes *limit_one* Limit One
Ratings - Ultra Dual Shovel
Initial look- With the exception of Kings Lens I am not a fan of reflectors...

Defensive Power- 3/5- Yes, it can send back 75% of earth icons back to your opponent if they're using Super Attack Pea. Grapes of Wrath, Seasonal Attack Pea, Sword of Thare, Illusens Staff and Attack Pea, but if they aren't then you either partially or completely wasted half a turn. Also you have to make sure you use this on the EXACT same turn as your opponent using their supposed heavy duty Earth based items otherwise this is worthless. Not only that, but if they are using a massive Earth dealing weapon and you somehow manage to use your shovel at the same time they hitting you, then you will still be taking at least 25% of those Earth icons PLUS whatever other icons that weapon has. Lets just pray to Hubrid Nox it was worth it. And if your foe isn't packing any Earth based items? Well then you just wasted an entire weapon slot. Congratulations.

Counters- Contrary to popular belief there are weapons out there which can counter reflectors. Skarls Amulet is one such weapon. Not that you will be seeing that anytime soon.

Alternatives- None worth mentioning.

Bonus- 0/1- It reflects? Not really much to say otherwise...no special secret abilities here.

Overall Rating- 5/10. This is one of the most over-hyped weapons in my opinion. I've done quite a few battles at the upper and elite levels and I can't recall ever running into someone actually using this against me. Now, Kings Lens I have seen and can understand why; but this? Noxmiles was right: even though it's limit one, if it weren't you'd still better of...
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At a Glance (2/3):
This is no ordinary shovel... it will give *A LOT of your opponent's attack back at them, specifically 75% of all earth damage. It is irrelevant whether or not you can equip more than one as you are better off using just one.

In-Depth (4/4):
This shovel is your best counter against any and every massive earth attackers: the Pea family, Grapes of Wrath, Ghostkerbomb, Sword of Thare, Illusens Staff, and just about any other weapons with a sizable amount of earth.

The way you use this is just like using Shovel Plus: you use this shovel and your own constant/shield when they use a mass-earth attacker or two. You will still face challenges with weapons like Super Attack Pea and GoW that have 2 massive elements instead of just earth, but it won't be as bad, especially when you have those high-end weapons yourself! Just make sure to time it correct and use your Jedi-like intuitions, or your opponent will take advantage of it and use non-earth weapons.

Price (1/2):
~17m is pretty pricey, but this is really one of the best weapons to have when fighting in high-end battles, where massive earth attacks are somewhat expected. Shovel Plus is a major downgrade with a cheap price of ~30k.

Bonus (1/1):
Reflecting damage is always better than just blocking, because it not only defends, but attacks as well. And this is one of the best reflectors, as there is nothing else that reflects more than 75% earth damage.

Any technical/defensive battler will always enjoy having this in their set.

Final Score: 8/10

Rated on September 30, 2013

Price/Power (5/5)
Most all of these 75% reflectors are pretty expensive and not worth it. This however is not one of those... Earth is heavily used in a lot of elite items (which we will go into later) and that makes a difference. This is the most powerful earth reflector on Neopets right now and offers a much better experience then the Illusens Silver Shield for earth blocking.

Countermeasures (5/5)
Super Attack Pea, Illusens Staff, Ghostkerbomb, Sword of Thare,Grapes of Wrath... These are just some of the awesome items which this shovel manages to essentially crush. That alone should explain the 5/5 rating.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
There are many other reflectors.. The best being Clawed Shield and U-Bend of Great Justice but neither of those have nearly as many applications. As mentioned the Illusens Silver Shield is another option for blocking earth, but given the fact it is the same rarity doesn't even have a real price advantage.

Other Points (No Bonus Possible)

Final Thoughts
Not much more to say.

Rated on September 29, 2013

Ultra Dual Shovel is a weapon that can play with the elite without carrying an elite price tag.

At Ultra Dual Shovel reflects 75% of Earth icons received, making it the strongest Earth reflector in the game. Earth icons are fairly common all throughout the various levels of battling, but they become especially prominent in the upper levels beginning with Sword of Thare. Earth can be a particularly difficult icon type to defend against, which makes Ultra Dual Shovel even better.

Pirate Captains Hat is an excellent Earth defender, but it runs the risk of breaking for the battle any time that it is used. Shield of Pion Troect and Illusens Silver Shield fail to impress due to a lack additional traits. Kings Lens can still be a useful Earth defender if Dark and Light icons are present as well.

When it comes to mass Earth icons, Ultra Dual Shovel will reign supreme in countering them. Ultra Dual Shovel can come out ahead against Seasonal Attack Pea and comes surprising close to matching Super Attack Pea and Grapes of Wrath. Ultra Dual Shovel will also utterly destroy Attack Pea, Illusens Staff, and Sword of Thare. And yes, when paired with A Shovel, Ultra Dual Shovel can wreak havoc against any Earth icons that oppose the user.

Like any reflector, using Ultra Dual Shovel is a gamble that may not pay off. But against superb sets, Ultra Dual Shovel is one of the best options for countering some of the most elite items in the game. As the best Earth-reflecting option available, Ultra Dual Shovel is a perfect 10/10.

Rated on August 19, 2013