Talinias Whittling Knife (r101) [Special]View in Item Database
DescriptionWith this, any branch can become a deadly bow. Talinias Whittling Knife


Average Rating [?]
Attack *fire**fire**fire**physical**physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Neoquest II Prizes - This item was released as a prize for completing a Neoquest II game.
Notes Prize for beating NQ2 at Normal Difficulty
Ratings - Talinias Whittling Knife
At a Glance (0/3):
With this knife, carve out your enemies, dealing 3 icons of fire and physical damage! Pretty straightforward.

In-Depth (0/4):
6 icons is too weak as a beginner weapon nowadays. Try something like Throwing Nachos or at least Rusty Cleaver.

Price (0/2):
While the knife is cheap at 1.4k, Scroll of Ultranova is even cheaper at 4 whopping nps! And its only slightly weaker than other starter 10 icon constants. 0.2 icons weaker to be exact.

Bonus (1/1):
If you could use this to generate a random bow-type weapon in battle, that would be pretty neat. I'd get it for that purpose! The best bow to get would be Runed Maractite Bow.

Final Score: 1/10

Rated on February 2, 2015

Price/Power (0/5)
6 icons is not enough these days. This item is no different

Countermeasures (0/5)
This can be blocked by many items including the Scarab Ring

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Get a Scroll of Ultranova or Flask of liquid fire instead.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
I would rather use this to butter bread.

Rated on April 16, 2014

Price/power (0/5): Needs to have more icons than just 6 for this price. Just look at the Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and Scroll of Ultranova.

Tactical (1/5): Extremely vulnerable to the Scarab Ring, which is common at this level. However, it could at least get some icons past other common shields such as the Leaf Shield, Shiny Shoal Shell Shield, and Studded Leather Cuirass. Still, there's no reason to use a basic 6-iconer when you can get the Scroll of Ultranova for less.

Bonus (0/1): Keep carving things with this knife. Don't bring it into the Battledome.

Closing remarks: Get a Scroll of Ultranova or Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, and upgrade to something like the Scroll of the Scholar, Scroll of the Wise, or Scroll of the Fool when you get the chance.

Rated on August 31, 2013