Snowglobe Staff (r112) [RARITY 112]View in Item Database
DescriptionThe powerful Snowglobe Staff can attack with the power of a blizzard, or defend against the icy snowball! This is a tempormental item though and doesnt always work for the whole battle... Limited Use. Snowglobe Staff


Average Rating [?]
Attack +[*water**water**water**light**light**light*]
Defense +[Defends Icy Snowball]
Reflect N/A
Effects *freeze* 20% Chance
*give_item* 1 Yellow Snowball.
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By Lady Frostbite
Magic Caster Skeleton Warrior
Snow Faerie
Zombified Heroes
Special Categorization Scratchcards - This item was released as a prize for scratching one of the various scratchcards in Neopia.
Notes *limit_one* Limit One Freezing Item.
20% Chance of breaking
Everything has a 20% Chance of happening. Will either attack, defend, freeze, give an item or break.
Ratings - Snowglobe Staff
At a Glance (1/3):
This staff has a myriad of different functions. It can unleash a 3 water and 3 light icon blizzard attack, freeze your opponent in their tracks, give you a Yellow Snowball to toss at your opponent, block your opponent's Icy Snowball, or just break.

In-Depth (1/4):
While it has many different abilities, it isn't good at any of them. The 6 icon total attack is weak, and is surpassed by Pike Pike. The snowball has a maximum damage of 7.8, which is again, surpassed by the Pike Pike. Nobody uses icy snowballs (anymore?). The 20% freeze success rate is pretty low, and bested by Randomly Firing Freeze Ray's freeze rate. And, of course, it can break before doing any of these effects in battle. Tragic.

Price (0/2):
I like how consistent this item's price has been over the years. It's always been ~20k-40k. It's still not worth it, but it's interesting to note its consistency, which is something rare in neoland.

Bonus (1/1):
What if this staff did ALL of the effects AT THE SAME TIME, while retaining its 20% freeze and break rates? It'd probably still wouldn't get used, but it would've been really powerful back in the day. THINK OF THE CHAOS!

Final Score: 3/10

Rated on August 30, 2014

Price/Power (0/5)
20% chance of breaking means you MAY get two freezes before break- maybe more. But the chances of that are particularly low.

Countermeasures (1/5)
The percentage isn't horrible, but the attack level is not adequate. The fact it also spams your inventory with Yellow Snowball is even worse. This is its own countermeasure.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
If you want a low freeze chance with an attack attached, you need a Slumberberry Potion, which can do it more then once. Otherwise get a Randomly Firing Freeze Ray or a full freezer like a H4000 Helmet.

Other Points (1 Bonus)
For the old pre-withdraw penalty days..

Final Thoughts

Rated on April 15, 2014

Overview: The Snowglobe Staff was a former beginner battler's staple, but with new penalties for withdrawing, it's lost some of its luster.

The Good: 20% chance of freezing is not too shabby for a cheap price. This has the same chance of freezing as the infamous Black Frost Cannon. In the old Battledome, player could withdraw and try again if they didn't get that first-round freeze, so withdrawing four battles to go into your next 1-player fight with a first-round freeze was worth the frustration.

The Bad: Without the ability to quickly withdraw and try again, one out of five odds are not good enough to be gambling with. For the low-level pets that would be using this, waiting five rounds for a freeze just won't cut it. If you really need a freeze, the temporary Scroll of Freezing might be a better better fit.

The Ugly Truth: The Snowglobe Staff is a reasonably-high-percentage freezer, but it's a tough gamble. The potential let downs counter the cheap price for a freezer.

Rated on March 30, 2014