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DescriptionA bit of wisdom for the holidays! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y14. Festive Holiday Scroll


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Attack *air**air**air**light**light**light**physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
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Special Categorization Advent Calendar - This item was available at the Advent Calendar.
Notes None
Ratings - Festive Holiday Scroll
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Price/Power (2/5)
8 Icons of solid attack is pretty nice when you consider that just a couple of years back 6 icons was the staple attack power. However in recent times this has raised to around the 9 point. While 8 icons is by no means useless, it has limited value now days.

Countermeasures (2/5)
A fair number of shields partially block this, but few fully block. The Shiny Shoal Shell Shield for example takes off 5 icons itself, and even a Scarab Ring can cut this back a notch. Due to being an advent item it may be predictable to use this if you are a new battler for the time being, making it easier to be blocked still.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
The Scroll of Knowledge offers a cheap alternative to this with a higher level of pwer sans 1 air icon, while the Rainbow Scroll sacrifices physical for water and adds an extra icon.

Other Points (1 Bonus)
Advent battle items normally aren't HORRIBLE, but they also don't really shine. This one is no exception.

Final Thoughts
As if pets weren't using enough scrolls in combat today.

Rated on December 27, 2012. Updated October 30, 2018

Festive Holiday Scroll is one of the better items to be released by the Advent Calendar, but that's not really saying much. 8 icons is reasonable considering the price tag of this weapon is under 1,000NP, but the icon assortment leaves more to be desired.

Vial of Fragrant Oil and Rainbow Scroll replace the undesirable Physical icons with slightly more acceptable Water icons.

Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and Throwing Cutlass deal an icon more than Festive Holiday Scroll, and both can be found for under a 1,000NP as well. Scroll of the Scholar and Scroll of Knowledge offer 10 and 11 icons respectively for a slightly higher cost.

Electro Sword is another weapon under 1,000NP similar to this weapon, with Fire instead of Air being the only difference.

Plenty of cheap, common defensive items at this level bite away at Festive Holiday Scroll, including Scarab Ring, Dark Faerie Cloud Racer Helmet, Yooyuball Goalie Armour, and Icy Magic Hat.

The verdict on this weapon is that it is a fairly generic weapon among a very large pool of low level weaponry. The good news is every player on Neopets can have one of these thanks to the Advent Calender. The bad news is this weapon fails to stand out among so many great low level options. There is no shame in using this weapon, but most battlers will outgrow it very quickly.

Rated on December 20, 2012. Updated October 30, 2018

Rating History ▼
Power/Price (3/5): At the time of rating, these cost about 100NP and deal 8 icons. Although several years ago this would have been an amazing weapon. With the likes of Scroll of Knowledge, Scroll of the Scholar, Rainbow Scroll, and Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, this weapon does not shine as much as it could. Although a weapon like this offers more variety for newbies, there are alternatives that give you a better bang for your buck.

Countermeasures (3/5): The famous Leaf Shield barely touches this weapon, only defending the physical icons, whereas the Shiny Shoal Shell Shield blocks everything but 3 light icons. The Virtupets X-514 Super Shield lets 4-5 icons by and the Scarab Ring blocks only 2 physical icons. The icon types for this weapon is where it truly shines. Common shields struggle to stop icons in general because an air/light/physical combo are not very common.

In 1-player fights, this weapon falls short. The lack of raw power makes alternatives much more desirable.
In 2-player fights, the icon distribution makes this an interesting candidate for 2 player battles. Although it lacks raw power, it may make up a little ground with its icon variability. If a newer battler has a spare slot, this fits in quite well.

Alternative: Electro Sword
Downgrade: Any 6-7 iconer
Upgrade: Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, Rainbow Scroll

I am giving this weapon a 6/10, it is a good weapon for new battlers but it is something I would only use in a spare weapon slot. If your opponent is defending your main weapons, this maybe a way to get thr...
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Price/power (3/5): This is currently available for around 100 NP or so. It fluctuates a bit, but that Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer is still a better bang for the buck.

Tactical (3/5): Studded Leather Cuirass is the only weapon that can block this fully, while Thief Dagger and King Kelpbeards Blessing come out ahead. You'll also need to watch out for Scarab Ring (which breaks even). This is pretty much why it's so important to have 9 icons instead of 8: a good dual duty at this level will always come out ahead or break even against this, if anything gets blocked at all. Not to mention that 9-iconers will come out ahead (for obvious reasons).

Bonus (1/1): It's good to see multiuse weapons from the Advent Calendar that are actually worthwhile.

Closing remarks: Unless the price drops to less than 50 NP, don't bother getting this. Sure, the Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer has some serious drawbacks, but lack of raw iconage isn't one of them.

Rated on December 16, 2012. Updated December 17, 2012