Sword of Thigl (r200) [Artifact]View in Item Database
DescriptionBe the wielder of light with this magical blade! Sword of Thigl


Average Rating [?]
Attack *light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**light**physical**physical* + *physical**physical**physical**physical**physical**physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By Greed
Special Categorization Hidden Tower - This item stocks, or used to stock, in The Hidden Tower.
Notes None
Distributions - Sword of Thigl
Minimum: 17.00
Maximum: 24.00
Mean: 18.34
Ratings - Sword of Thigl
Price/Power (4/5)
All anagram swords have amazing value for money, that is about the only this one has going for it however.

Countermeasures (0/5)
There are so many ways to cheaply and easily counter this weapon. So many that I had to give it very little in the way of score here. Even in 1p the chances of your opponents holding some of these items is too great to bother using this.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Any of the other swords, or you could get a Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy instead.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
To be fair, this sword may actually be the most powerful weapon on Neopia. Imagine how much higher your chance of skin cancer would be if you were being attacked by, or even holding, this weapon.

Rated on March 29, 2014

At a Glance (2/3):
15 icons of pure light plus an extra 1.25-9 physical icons for good measure.

In-Depth (2/4):
Unfortunately, light is the least "safest" element of the anagram weapons. It has many many MANY different counters that try to shut it off: Superior Reflection Shield, Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour, Parasol of Unfortunate Demise, {{Dark Faerie Collar}}, Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, Pirate Captains Hat, Kings Lens, Skarls Sword, and finally Wand of the Dark Faerie. Then there's the somewhat ubiquitous Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield. Makes me wonder if we have some sort of vendetta against light...

But, it still has its use - as a sneak attack weapon. That niche originally belonged to Sword of Skardsen, which doesn't face as much defensive answers.

Price (2/2):
You should be able to obtain one at a slightly cheaper price (similar to SoS's) because of its less desirable quality of being somewhat easy to block.

Bonus (1/1):
Originally, when it was first released, this would've been MUCH more desireable to have, as half of the listed counters would either not exist, or be too impractical to use.

Final Score: 7/10

Rated on September 30, 2013

1P 5/10: One of the new anagram swords averaging 18 icons, there is little practical reason to choose SoThigl as a 1P weapon over Kelpbeards Trident. It is a viable KBT alternative but I cannot recommend it for 1P.

2P 7/10: Light has recently become a much easier icon to defend against, with the relatively recent releases of Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour, Parasol of Unfortunate Demise, and Craftsmans Lens in addition to more traditional options such as Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, Combo Battle Mirror, Pirate Captains Hat and Kings Lens. It gets through Faerie Tabard and Burrow, while being unaffected by species resistances. It's worth considering as a complementary weapon in a HT level set.

Rated on January 20, 2013