Staff of the Bewed (r101) [Special]View in Item Database
DescriptionThe eyes glow red when your intended is near. Staff of the Bewed


Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**fire**fire**fire*
Defense *-physical*+*-physical**-physical*
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization
Desert Diplomacy - This item was released as a prize for participating in the Desert Diplomacy event.
Notes None
Distributions - Staff of the Bewed
Minimum: 0.30
Maximum: 3.00
Mean: 1.65
Ratings - Staff of the Bewed
Price/power (0/5): In this day and age, there's no reason why anything should be so weak, no matter how cheap. And this costs more than 1000 NP, by the way.

Tactical (0/5): Not much you can do with it.

Bonus (1/1): Because I can't give this a 0.

Closing remarks: Get a real weapon, such as a Scroll of Ultranova, a Scarab Ring, or anything else, really.

Rated on September 30, 2014

Overview: Staff of the Bewed? More like staff of the Booed!

The Good: Well the art isn't terrible and it's wearable, so that's cool.

The Bad: I'm not even sure why TNT releases these items. At least its wearable which means the Staff of the Bewed isn't totally useless. 5 offensive icons isn't viable in any scenario. Even if the defense fully hits at 3 icons, there's only 8 total icons here. Basically, this fails my patent-pending "Does it beat Scroll of Ultranova test" miserably.

The Ugly Truth: If you want an air-and-fire dual duty weapon, you'd be better off with a Golden Compass. Of course the compass blocks dark instead of physical, but the offense of the compass alone is better than the best possible combined offense and defense of the Staff of the Bewed.

Rated on August 31, 2014

At a Glance (0/3):
Unleash the power of... uhm...potential love? Whatever it unleashes, it hits you for 2 icons of air and 3 icons of fire. The powers within also can deflect 0.3-3 icons of physical, depending on, uhm, how close your intended is?

In-Depth (0/4):
Air and fire is a nice combination, but 5 icons of offensive power is incredibly weak. Try Golden Compass, Scroll of Ultranova or Altador Cup Throwing Star instead for a similar attack. Look at Scarab Ring, Altadorian Swordbreaker, or Rusty Pitchfork for similar (read: better) defense.

Price (1/2):
4.9k is pretty expensive considering what this item does, although, as a wearable, it probably is on the cheaper side of things. Not gonna go too deep into that area though, as I am a weapon reviewer, not a wearable reviewer.

Bonus (1/1):
The staff must be capable of adjusting its length, as clearly, it looks more like a short sticked wand in the picture, yet, has varying lengths when held by different pets.

Also, this item would save a lot of couples' troubles finding soul mates, especially teenage couples. That'd be one less teenager problem to deal with! If only it were more than mere pixels and programming!

Final Score: 2/10

Rated on August 31, 2014

Price/Power (0/5)
Yet another weak multiuse- needs to do at least double maybe even triple the current damage before I would even look at it.

Countermeasures (0/5)
I do have to give it props for this particular icon combination. Both fire and air in great amounts are hard to block while physical is commonly used by many items. However, without the "bulk" required for this there is once more, little to see here.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
At least get a Scarab Ring dual duty wise.

Other Points
I give bonuses for being a prize, you all know that.

Final Thoughts
If this item worked as the item description suggested chances are it would be much more useful then it is now. However somehow I think that no matter how many people I had sit down and look at this item on a pet, the eyes would never glow. Now, while I know that is due to the fact it is just a simple neopets item which isn't even animated, part of me finds the depressing side in that statement that TNT is making to anyone who hopes to find the- *cough* anyway.

Rated on August 27, 2014