Supersize Mega Ultra Plus (r67)View in Item Database
DescriptionPower up and grow 20 times your size! Supersize Mega Ultra Plus


Average Rating [?]
Attack *physical**physical*
Defense *-physical**-physical*
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
JN Price 14 NP
Restocks At Battle Magic
Used By Chiazilla
Draconian Skeith
Koi Warrior
Lava Ghoul
Magnus the Torch
Spider Grundo
The Brain Tree
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Supersize Mega Ultra Plus
At a Glance (0/3):
Use this weapon to become a giant, turning your otherwise wimpy punches and kicks into 2 physical icon punches and kicks! And while you're at it, get a good laugh as you shrug off 1.667 icons of physical damage due to your improved bulk!

In-Depth (0/4):
Not only are 2 icons incredibly weak, but they're also easy to shrug off with things like... well, pretty much anything that blocks physical. If you must get a dual duty weapon that blocks physical, try Scarab Ring, or even better, Altadorian Swordbreaker or Rusty Pitchfork.

Price (0/2):
Runs for about ~20 nps. Scarab Ring is ~2k. Sure, this is cheaper, but is it actually worth a spot in your set over the ring?

Let me answer that for you - NOPE.

Bonus (1/1):

Going by offensive icons, we can see that this item is 50% stronger than its weaker counterpart, Supersize!. However, when we calculate a pet's natural strength, we find that pets should be able to deal out 0.1 physical icons, rather than 0.1333.

BUT WHAT'S THIS? 0.1333 - 0.1 = 0.0333. We find that this number has a set of 3 3's. Do you know what this means?


Isn't math fun?

Final Score: 1/10

Rated on October 28, 2014

Price/Power (0/5)
This kind of item makes me laugh, if you didnt get that from my Supersize! rating.

Countermeasures (0/5)
Physical is easy to block, and 2 icons is easy to get through. Better then the normal Supersize! but really not by anything.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
Just pick a nice weapon or dual duty out of a hat and use it. Good chance it will be better then this.

Other Points (2 bonus)
One point for being animated, and one for that awesome name. Seriously.

Final Thoughts
Terribly weak and not worth even my time reviewing it. But at least it has a nice name

Rated on February 12, 2013