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Slippery Floor Potion (r93) [Very Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThe slippery floor potion will instantly transform the ground beneath your opponent to ice. Slippery Floor Potion

Single Use

Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**water**water**physical**physical*
Defense *-fire* 100% *-water* 100%
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Magic Item
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Slippery Floor Potion
This weapon will only be rated for Regular 1P/2P use, since it doesn't have any niche or league use.

Price (2/3): 1-2k for a one time bomb. Not the worst deal, but the price will stack up fast.
Power (3/5): Fully blocks the oh so dreaded fire and the quite common water. For the price it's a great deal, and would be more than amazing, but... It only lasts a turn, being single use, and for 6-9k you can get a Thick Smoke Bomb, which would negate all damage for a single turn.
Uniqueness (2/2): besides Thick Smoke Bomb there's nothing that could offer the amount of defence this gives for the price.

Overall It is a nice item, don't get me wrong, and quite good for the price, but... when you can fully block everything for just a few thousand more neopoints then this doesn't look that appealing anymore, even with the 6 icons of damage. Because of that its final rating is 7/10.

Rated on May 31, 2019

Value 3/3: At less than 1k this potion is an awesome grenade.

Tactical 4/6: What are the two most popular 18-iconers in the dome? Kelpbeards Trident, which is considerably cheaper than the anagrams, and the Sword of Reif, which slips unchecked through the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield and is very difficult to block. This grenade stops both in their tracks and deals 6 icons back (enough to outmatch the average physical output from one anagram). If your opponent is packing both of these weapons and is slugging away at you, drop this and counter with a power attack of your own while their offense withers at your feet. Even if they are only using a Reif, Tawre, or Kelpbeards Trident, (and not 2 of those 3 together), you should still come out ahead with this.

At low tiers, the 6 offensive icons combined with the defense still make this a fun and viable option.

Finally, it combines nicely with Burrow to block all icon types besides Air and Physical, a nice boon since burrow seems to function better than the Float or Shroud abilities at the moment.

Other 1/1: This appeals to the way I love to do battles. Mind games are a real part of the fight. Some of the most fun you can have is by countering the popular metagame, and this potion gives a great answer to two of the most popular high-tier weapons in the arena right now. Get inside the battledome. Then get inside your opponent's dome. Whoah.

Conclusion: In the right place it could change the course of a fight and function almost as well as a second Thick Smoke Bomb. Be aware of it as an option, don't be afraid to experiment with it. If you...
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I am a pretty big fan of Slippery Floor Potion. 6 icons of offense, Full Fire and Water defense, and under 1,000NP is a very nice trio of qualities. The only downside to this weapon is that it is One Use.

Slippery Floor Potion is a like a super-charged dual duty. This potion can absorb the blows of Hidden Tower level weaponry like Portable Kiln, Sword of Reif, Kelpbeards Trident, and Sword of Tawre, and still deal back a small attack at the same time!

In terms of low-budget weaponry, this potion can defeat popular options like Steaming Skeem Potion, Flaming Blooble Potion, Flask of Liquid Fire, Rusty Cleaver, and Pike Pike.

The one major downside to Slippery Floor Potion is that it is one use. The cost of replacing it is fairly negligible if only used in 2-Player battles and important 1-Player fights, but it still does take up a precious weapon slot. With healers, freezers, and bombs already taking up spots in most players sets, it may not be advisable to use yet another One Use item. However, for anyone with room in their set, this item presents great tactical flexibility.

As bombs become less popular in the Anagram meta game, Slippery Floor Potion would be a unique and useful alternative for the "Bomb Slot." One use items are frequently banned in 2-Player events, but when they are not, Slippery Floor Potion ought to get some consideration.

Rated on December 27, 2012