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DescriptionUnleash the powers of the ultranova with this scroll! Scroll of Ultranova


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Attack *air**air**air**air**fire**fire**fire**fire**light**light**light*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
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Restocks At Brightvale Scroll
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Ratings - Scroll of Ultranova
Overview: This scroll does 9.8 icons of total damage distributed over three different icon types (fire, air, & light).

Price to Power Ratio: At the time of this review being written this can be bought for under 500 nps or can be won from a plethora of different battledome challengers making this an absolute steal for users who are new to the battledome or simply on a budget. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better alternative for the price.

Upgrades: Upgrading from this weapon will cost you a significant jump in nps. You can opt for a Barbat Throwing Star which will give you 1.2 icons more of total damage (albeit worse icon types) while costing you around 24-25k more than the scroll. Or you can go with my personal favorite upgrade from this weapon & grab a Turned Tooth which will cost you around 60-65k more than the scroll, but will offer you 4-12.2 icons more of damage per turn.

Conclusion: Simply put, this item is still awesome for anyone on a budget or users who are new to the battledome & want a couple of cheap weapons that deal out solid multiuse damage. You can’t go wrong with these scrolls, especially in 1-player battles.

Rated on December 28, 2019

Value 3/3: Now that the cosmic dome gives these out,the price has plummeted.

Tactical 5/6: This deals air together with fire and light, it's difficult to block and beats both the Scarab Ring and Oversized Maractite Rune Sword. It also beats the Gilded War Hammer, Golden Compass, and Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer head to head.

It can be countered by the Snowager Sword, and its offense is outdone by the Scroll of Knowledge.

The light is easily blocked by shields at this tier, but the air is harder to fend off and the fire gets through most shields (but is stopped by the Scarab ring.

Other 1/1: This gets an extra point because it is probably your best offensive option in 2p battling at this tier (harder to block than the Scroll of Knowledge, you're more likely to get more icons through).

Be aware that it does fractional icons so it looks like it deals more damage than it actually does.

Conclusion: Want tough to block, all-out offense for low tier battling? This is a great choice.

Rated on October 10, 2013

Power: 5/5
~9 icons for a mere 1NP - the only reason to not get this is having something better. I mean... seriously... this is essentially free.

Counters: 3/3
Note quite as much fun when encountering a scarab ring which almost beats this head-to-head, however it simply pierces through Leaf Shield, gets ~6 icons through Shiny Shoal Shell Shield and ~7 through Virtupets X-514 Super Shield. In other words you still get quite a bit through all the common shields and the most common dual duty you'll encounter in low range battling - awesome!

Uniqueness: 1/1
The one and only 1NP attacker you'll want to have.

Bonus: 1/1
Surprisingly hard to block due to being spread across only 3 icon types - unlike Scroll of Knowledge.

Rated on August 9, 2013

Overview: This awesome scroll being handed out like candy as a Battledome prize is the best thing to happen to battlers since the Scarab Ring.

The Good: This thing is dirt cheap, and gets cheaper every day. It's closing in on the 1np mark, but can usually be had for 25np or less. Also, it puts out 9.8 icons and beats the old-school favorite Scarab Ring head to head. One nice part of the icon distribution is the lack of physical, which is fairly commonly blocked.

The Bad: Partial icons are never fun, so this loses some points for that. Most shields incorporate some physical, so the chances of being partially blocked are relatively high. Also, this can be beat with cheap dual duties like Snowager Sword and Elegant Desert Sword. It can also be overcome by slightly more expensive dual duties like Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal. Any of these a beginner battler might come across.

The Ugly Truth: Really this weapon is perfect if you're starting out. Sure you'll get partially blocked or beaten sometimes, but 9.8 icons for a tiny sum of NP makes Scroll of Ultranova great.

Rated on August 1, 2013

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Those are three words to describe Scroll of Ultranova. The pictured icons are misleading because the Fire and Air icons are fractional, but this weapon still deals 9.8 icons.

At a price of almost nothing.

If you are new to the Battledome and post on the Battledome Chat, chances are someone might just give you one or two of these scrolls; that's how little they cost.

At the moment, no multiple use piece of equipment packs as much punch at such a low price. The game has come a long way since 6-icon weaponry was standard. New battlers these days get a nice treat from the get-go in Scroll of Ultranova.

If you are new to the Battledome and have very little NP to work with, invest in one or two of these. If you have a little bit bigger budget, look into Scroll of Knowledge.

Rated on July 12, 2013

Rating History ▼
Price/Power (5/5)
9.8 icons is a solid number of icons even if a little misleading. Considering this item is given out in the battledome it should deflate, however the rarity seems to be slightly too high for this item's power level.

Edit: The price of this item has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY and my rating has been changed to reflect that.

Countermeasures (4/5)
This is a really solid weapon against most of the common shields such as the Scarab Ring and the Shiny Shoal Shell Shield which manage to slightly, but not fully, block this weapon. A surprisingly good icon combination.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
If single player is your game choosing a Scroll of Knowledge may be a pretty good choice, however this looks like it could easily hold its own without the upgrade.

Other Points (1 Penalty)
For looking like it does 11 icons when it actually does much less.

Final Thoughts
A surprisingly strong, if misleading, scroll item which makes it through common shields with ease.

Rated on November 22, 2012. Updated September 29, 2013