Glowing Cauldron (r99) [Super Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis bubbling cauldron has a terrible hex placed on it, dare you use it in battle??? Glowing Cauldron


Average Rating [?]
Attack *-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire**-fire* (87.5% Chance)
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects 6.25% Chance: 20HP damage (If opponents HP > 22)
6.25% Chance: Do Nothing
Actual Icons
ATTACK FIRE 0-10 DRAIN HEAL 0-20 HP Non-Heal Drain   
Restocks At Haunted Weaponry
Used By Quartermaster
Shadow Phantom Conqueror
Shadow Spectre Conqueror
Special Categorization None
Notes Attacks, drains life (non-heal), or does nothing (spits smoke). Your icons always appear as reflected, and if it attacks:

If you click go button first (or against frozen opponent) :
a.Your reflection is blockable and reflectable
b. Damage inflicted = 10 * your strength boost multiplier
c. Damage inflicted if you reflect opponent's glowing cauldron (using normal reflector such as clawed shield)= Reflector reflection percentage * 10 * your strength boost multiplier

If you click go button second :
a. Your reflection is unblockable and unreflectable
b. Damage inflicted = 10 * opponent's strength boost multiplier * opponent's stance multiplier
Ratings - Glowing Cauldron
Power: 0/5
Given the price tag of >10M this sports this just isn't worth it, even more so as it cannot attack using the opponent's strength boost, anymore, reducing this to either 10 icons of reflect-attack which may or may not be unblockable, 20HP of direct damage or just nothing.

Well, for that price you're better off getting Skarls Hasty Mace and Everlasting Crystal Apple for more damage and better multi-healing.

Counters: 3/3
Even if the fire is blockable/reflectable when it occurs it's still hard to counter giving this at least some edge. The direct damage cannot be countered, either, and doing nothing... well... you cannot counter nothing, can you?

Uniqueness: 1/1
This still is pretty unique in that it's one of the few items that attack with constant reflected icons and also one of the few that can deal direct damage.

Bonus: 1/1
This used to be amazing for underdog fights - it really is a pitty it lost that ability.

Rated on September 29, 2013

At a Glace (2/3):
Deals 10 icons of pure fire damage as reflected icons. Based on turn order, this can become unblockable damage. Also has an off-chance to either do nothing, or to drain 20 hp (same thing really, unless you have a weak pet).

In-Depth (3/4):
This weapon is not famed for its power anymore, but for its utility. It is a tactical weapon used to overcome your opponent's shields. Currently in the BD, if you complete your move after your opponent does, then it basically ignore any shield your opponent uses, unless they're using either Skarls Amulet, or Iceray Bracelet (both of those weapons have/had the ability to block even unblockable damage). It's that simple.

Price (1/2):
I can't quite remember the price at the moment, but I know it was 12+ mil, which is not really right (makes it more expensive than Sword of Reif, which boasts 15 normal, constant fire damage). Still, it is the most powerful (and honestly the only one worth considering) constant that attacks using reflected icons. Prickly Potion and Voidberry Potion, while incredibly cheaper, is also a lot more weaker, and might not be enough damage. Technicaly, Bracelet of Kings is technically also a cheaper alternative to the cauldron, but statistically speaking, it's only slightly stronger than the two aforementioned potions, and costs less than 3m.

Let me know when the price returns to ~12m or less, and I'll give this weapon an extra point here.

Bonus (1/1):
Lets not also forget that this tactical weapon is fantastic for L97 play, where the icon cap is 12, and playing defensively is more encouraged and viable. Watch ou...
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Price/Power (3/5)
10 icons of raw reflected opponent boost power is very enticing. However being a R99 means that the cost makes this less then affordable. Two cheaper {{Pricky Potion}}s or Voidberry Potion would most likely be more preferable as if you can actually afford two of these you should be able to have a trained pet too. That being said, for lab rats and a niche of users with the money for weapons but no patience or time to train this is a good option.

Countermeasures (4/5)
The fact that it has a 12.5% chance of doing nothing or next to nothing is certainly a downfall here. Not really enough to stop this being killer in the battledome, but still enough. Also using this item when frozen is a bad idea, swap to proper weapons when the opponent is frozen.

Alternatives, Upgrades or Downgrades
The only alternatives/downgrades to this weapon are the much cheaper Voidberry Potion and Prickly Potion items which are much cheaper but provide less icons.

Other Points (None)

Final Thoughts
Powerful in the hands of the right pets...

Rated on February 2, 2013