Lucky Robots Foot (r120) [RARITY 120]View in Item Database
DescriptionThe lucky robots foot (ouch, looks sharp) is a mystical item that will revitalise your pet to full hit points. One Use. Only one healing item can be equipped to your pet! Lucky Robots Foot

Single Use

Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects *heal* 100%
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By N/A
Special Categorization Quest Prizes - You can win this from one of the various quests in Neopia.
Notes *limit_one* Limit One Healing Item
Ratings - Lucky Robots Foot
Price/power (4/5): Unless you do a lot of competitive battling, this item is most certainly worthwhile. A full heal is the best heal you can get, and it doesn't cost a whole lot with this.

Tactical (5/5): It's a full heal.

Bonus (1/1): Even the Jade Scorchstone can only be used once per battle.

Closing remarks: Alternatives include the Jade Elixir and the Amulet of Life. Get whichever one's the cheapest.

Rated on June 29, 2015

Power: 5/5
Juse like Jade Elixir this is cheap enough to actually be worth considering for the fights where you actually need a full healer, but can't afford a OPB one.

Counters: 3/3
Nothing to be done against a full heal.

Uniqueness: 0/1
One of the various single-use healers. Check Jade Elixir for a good alternative.

Bonus: 1/1
Thanks to being tossed out by the Battledome as prize for your daily battles this got quite cheap and will probably stay for the time being.

Rated on September 30, 2013

Rating History ▼
Price/Power (5/5)
A 100% healer is nice at the best of times for beating that one hard opponent if you can not afford a better healer. This kind of item can easily get you over the line.

Countermeasures (4/5)
The only way this can really be stopped is by having it stolen before use. Besides this the worst part is the fact you need to replace it after each battle and thus it can get expensive.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Amulet of Life, Jade Elixir or Life Giver to name a few. Realistically the best way to pick one if you need it is to see which 100% single use is cheapest at the time. If you want a different healer check your HP and see how much you REALLY have to heal. If you need a cheap full healer, try a Kacheek Life Potion if you can change your pet... or a Bag of Healing Dust for a slightly weaker but can be kept over hundreds of battles.

Other Points (No Bonus)

Final Thoughts
For certain times when you need that little extra push, this lucky foot will give you a helping hand. Even cheaper than last time I looked at it!

Rated on February 14, 2013. Updated October 31, 2020

Not everyone can afford a Leaded Elemental Vial, but almost everyone will at some point wish they had one. Full Healers can be the difference between a win and a loss sometimes, and luckily for the less wealthy battler, there are Jade Elixirs and Lucky Robots Feet for those situations.

There is not really much advice that I have not written in another Full-Healer review; I just have one bit of advice here: be sure to check the price of both this item and Jade Elixir when looking for a One Use Full-Healer. Since Lucky Robots Foot typically costs a couple thousand Neopoints more, it should really get a 2/10 based on my rating system, but since the prices are close, you may be able to snag a cheaply priced Lucky Robots Foot. :P

Rated on January 24, 2013. Updated October 31, 2020