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Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing (r98) [Ultra Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionOne blast from this gun will turn your opponent into a block of ice! Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing

Lenny Only

Once per Battle

Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects *freeze* 100% Chance
Actual Icons
Restocks At Battle Magic
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes *limit_one* Limit One Freezing Item
Ratings - Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing
Initial look- This actually looks pretty cool. Me likey.

Effect- 4/5- A 100% full freeze, guaranteed. For its current price of about 300k you really can't ask for much more. Except to please not have to turn your pet into a LENNY to use it :(

Counters- I wonder if your opponent would still be able to use this is you hit them with a bag of Chia Flour or Kacheek Flour. Besides that, until Rainbow Swirly Thing starts working 100% again there is really no other counter for freezing...except freezing your opponent on the same turn.

Alternatives- If you want to suffer having a LENNY as a neopet then there is the Entangling Lenny Lasso. But if you want to **not** have a funny looking pet AND get that 100% freeze then H4000 Helmet is for you.

Bonus- 0/1- Really if I could give a -1 I would because your pet must be a LENNY to use it and I am in no way a fan of Jigsaws version of what a swan should look like; aka a LENNY.

Overall Rating- 9/10. This weapon is good if you are blind and/or too incapacitated to change your pet into something cool. I guess it could be worse though; all of the good cheap freezers could have went to Vandagyres or Ogrins lmao

Rated on September 26, 2017

Price/Power (4/5)
As of now the price of this is so insanely low that it would be impossible not to give this a high mark. Moreover, if you just want a 100% freezer it is good to keep in mind that the Brown Lenny Morphing Potion is very cheap and could be used to take advantage of this item.

Countermeasures (5/5)
You can't really counter freezing. Unless you are frozen on the same move this item allows you a chance to do a free move of damage on your opponent... That right there is awesome.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Alternatives wise you may wish to check the price of the Entangling Lenny Lasso to see which one is cheapest at the time. It may be better to get that instead. The Randomly Firing Freeze Ray is a cheaper non species 50% chance freezer. While it may not be perfect it is something to consider if you do not have a lenny. If you have a lenny there is no reason to use any of the normal 100% freezers so the upgrades are getting into Moehog Skull territory.

Other Points (1 Deduction)
This item is so vain it only lets Lenny's use it so I have to deduct a point here. That being said however if it was for all species it would by no means be this cheap. Consider this point down as my way of saying meh over it's inaccessibility.

Final Thoughts
Lennys seem so cold.

Rated on January 24, 2014

Overview: The Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing is the cooler version of the Entangling Lenny Lasso. It kinda makes up for Lennies being lame.

The Good: Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing is just plain cool. Personally I think it looks cooler than both the Randomly Firing Freeze Ray and Sleep Ray. Not only does it look cool, but it's dirt cheap compared to any non-species freezer.

The Bad: Really, the only bad thinga I can think of are that your pet must be a Lenny. Since you don't care that you pet is a long-legged bird, you probably could save some np by using the less-rare and therefore slightly cheaper Entangling Lenny Lasso.

The Ugly Truth: If you want the coolest-looking freezer in the game, morph your prize-fighter into a Lenny and buy the Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing for a relatively cheap price.

Rated on December 31, 2013