Age: 23
jnAccount: pet1616161616
Retired On: May 11, 2013
Preferred Pet Build: L4/L6/L8 for 2P, Labrat for 1P

Greetings Neopians! Thanks for visiting my rater page :)

I am an experienced 1P and 2P battler. Check my neopets user lookup if you're interested in seeing some of my accomplishments.

I have now retired from 2P battling, which in my opinion was the most fun up until May 2011 (when the new anagram swords were released).

Unfortunately critical aspects of the 2P battling system have yet to be implemented in this new BD: faerie abilities, attack stances, species abilities, species resistances, weapons that attack with reflected icons, and first-to-move advantage. I do hope that TNT will work on these soon, as well as HP increase for 1P challengers :)
***Do note that my ratings assume these features will be re-implemented. (It's hard for me to imagine 2P or competitive 1P events otherwise.)

My Rating Style

All my numerical ratings reflect how strongly I would recommend a weapon if it is within your price range.

I give each weapon (except junk) a number for 1P and note that these ratings can be quite disparate. Therefore my 1P & 2P ratings may be more meaningful than my overall rating.

This is the scale I use to determine my strength of recommendation:
1 strongly discouraged
2 discouraged
3 mildly discouraged
4 barely discouraged
5 neutral
6 barely recommended
7 mildly recommended
8 recommended
9 strongly recommended
10 very strongly recommended

Also do keep in mind that the combination of weapons you use is as important as the weapons themselves, particularly in 2P! :)

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