Age: 21
jnAccount: macosten
Preferred Pet Build: BIG HP
My Rating Style

I'm going to review weapons in the most appropriate scope (1P or a specific 2P league I'm familiar with), but for the most part, my ratings will pertain to general 1P only.

The fact of the matter is that, for 1P, the vast majority of the site's weapons are woefully outclassed or made inefficient by something else. Something rated at a 6 or a 7 will be generally okay in 1P if you don't take price into account. Something with an 8 or higher will be good (with something at a 10 being the best).

Anything at a 5 or below is varying degrees of "I don't like this," and my review will get into why.

Some weapons will be worth looking at in the context of 2P battling; their ratings will reflect their value in general 1P battling, not their value in their respective 2P metagame.

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