Age: 27
jnAccount: benladesh
Retired On: October 26, 2018
Preferred Pet Build: Balanced

Running iDB takes up a large part of the time I dedicate to Neopets related things, so I am rarely seen rating weapons. That being said, I have accrued vast knowledge over the years working at iDB. I have extensive knowledge of 1 player and 2 player battling and a good understanding of battledome strategy. Most of the time that I have spent playing Neopets, I have also spent working at iDB. I collect battledome weapons and have personally tested almost all of the weapons in Neopia.

My Rating Style

Although most of my battling is done in 1 player. I have hosted and participated in several 2 player events and have an understanding of what it takes to be a successful 2 player battler.

I base my ratings on Price/Power and Countermeasures. I try to offer insight on how the weapon performs in 1 player and 2 players situations. I then offer a choice of downgrades, alternatives and upgrades where applicable. I then end my ratings with a note explaining which kind of battler the weapon is most suited for.

Favorite Weapons
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