Age: 27
jnAccount: NeoPlatinumZero
Retired On: May 16, 2015
Preferred Pet Build: Balanced

I have been testing, evaluating, and deriving strategy with weapons since being hired on finalhit's in-Depth Battlepedia in 2003. Since then, I rose through the ranks of iDB, eventually becoming head admin and leading the site until its untimely death in 2011. Since the acquisition of iDB in 2012, I have worked with JellyNeo in order to ensure iDB continues to live on as the premier source for Neopets Battlepedia information.

And contrary to popular belief, I am not in fact a Pile of Dung.

My Rating Style

I rate on basic power of the item and general strategy that covers both battle styles. I negate points to items that detract from training your pet properly (Voidberry Potion, etc) and praise weapons with untapped strategic potential (Tornado Ring, etc). I do not assign preset values to specific categories; rather, I assign based on the collegiate overall grading system (10/10 = A+, 9/10 = A, 8/10 = B, etc). Weapons can be given a bonus for being quirky or interesting me (such as BattleGlowJewel), or have points detracted for being overhyped (such as Scarab Ring).

Favorite Weapons
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