Age: 27
jnAccount: retnuah
Retired On: May 9, 2018
Preferred Pet Build: Balanced

My neopets usename is retnuah. Catch ya later.

My Rating Style

During my time on neopets I've done a multitude of battles in both 1p and 2p, but since the advent of the New Battledome I've mostly stuck to 2p and thus that is what most of my weapon ratings will be geared towards. Although, for beginner weapons/intermediate weapons, 1p strategies may be discussed.

Although I may omit some aspects of this depending on the weapon I am looking at (IE no point in giving Super Attack Pea any sort of defensive rating as it has no defense), I generally use a step by step method of rating. I start with an initial glace of the weapon as a whole, before any analysis, then break down its components and give them an individual review based on my thoughts about its effectiveness in battle. I try to stay as objective as possible but may award a "secret bonus" up to 2 points depending on if the weapon has an element which, while not obviously important, adds to its usefulness. Also I will say this: Most of the time I will not use price when deciding what a weapon is worth unless there is a alternate which is significantly better in price and does either almost or exactly the same thing (think Jade Scorchstone/Jewelled Scarab). At the end of every review I combine the scores of each individual component to provide an overall score and give my exact reasoning for it. Enjoy.

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