L97 Tournament III: Summer Scorcher

This event occured in the past and is now over. This page are kept for historical and for completion purposes.

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The League 97 Summer Scorcher tournament is rapidly approaching! This event will be the third and final L97 event of the summer, and it will be the first L97 event hosted by in-Depth Battlepedia! The Summer Scorcher is a double elimination event. The main bracket will be best two out of three, and the losers bracket will be sudden death.

Important Dates/Information

Battling Begins: August 2nd - Noon NST

***Please neomail ALL results to Benladesh!

Signups are now closed! Battling will begin on August 2nd at Noon NST! Please familiarize yourself with the L97 format rules here. In addition to these rules, a time limit is in place to ensure a timely event. Battlers who are in the earliest active round of play who have gone inactive will be booted after 48 hours. If you are having difficulty tracking down your opponent, please bring this matter to the attention of Benladesh, Neoskulltula, or Penguinqwert! Only players who have gone M.I.A. are at risk of being DQ'd by this rule; communication is key!

Tourney Format

-The main bracket will be best two of three. The winner moves on in the main bracket, and the loser drops to the loser's bracket. In the event that two participants are tied 1W/1L/1D or 0W/0L/3D after three battles, the participants will continue to battle until one of the participants wins.

-The losers bracket will be sudden death - only a single bracket. The winner moves on in the loser's bracket, and the loser is eliminated from the event! In the event participants draw, the participants will continue to battle until one of the participants wins.

-Eventually, only two participants will remain. The two remaining participants will battle best two of three. If the winner of the main bracket wins, then the tournament is over and the winner is the tournament champion. If the the winner of the loser's bracket wins, then the winner of the main bracket falls to the loser's bracket, as this would be their first loss. The participants will then face off in sudden death, and the victor of sudden death play will be the tournament champion.

Current Signups

Username/Pet Name

  1. Pisha1/Cingulotomy
  2. Dafinsrock/ReeLoed
  3. Orangebrah/Ottobrah
  4. Wdsimmonds316/Babe1971
  5. Mcdooby/Perdy_birdy
  6. Hark_1/Draet
  7. Wapakski_06/Beeber3
  8. Okay__/KendrickL
  9. Razankid/Sunhollow
  10. Nalare/Moredhel
  11. Cashe322/Mustela_putorius_fur
  12. Mopardude/Elmid
  13. Penguinqwert/Odigbo
  14. X008800x/X_astral_wraith_x
  15. Thgil/Clawstrick
  16. Nucleme/Pyln
  17. Schezan/Xan_Pea
  18. Neoskulltula/Chimp
  19. *Soopaa_beast/Alovarxe
  20. Njt9497/Furnost
  21. Dfgh5067/CoveJunk
  22. Noxmiles/Christl50171
  23. Duke_Sloth/Xeas

*Has over-trained to 98HP; 1/98HP will be treated as 0/98HP


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***Please neomail ALL results to Benladesh!

Bracket Last Updated: August 20th, 7:17PM NST



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