L97 Tournament VII: 2014 Guild Cup

This event occured in the past and is now over. This page are kept for historical and for completion purposes

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The League 97 Guild Cup will be the first L97 event to involve a guild element. Players do not have to belong to a guild to participate, but the tournament will be the first L97 event to recognize the performances of both individuals and guilds. The tentative start date for the event is April 4th. The Guild Cup will feature a different procedure and scoring system than previous L97 events, so be sure to read this page carefully. All information regarding the event will be placed on this page. Make sure to check back regularly!

***Please NEOMAIL all results to Penguinqwert!***

Important Dates/Information

Signups Close: Thursday, April 3rd; 11:59 PM NST

Pool Play Begins: Friday, April 4th; Noon NST

Pool Play Ends: Sunday, April 13th; 11:59 PM NST

Double Elimination Play Begins: Tuesday, April 15th; Noon NST


This tournament uses standard L97 rules. Please familiarize yourself with the League 97 rules by clicking here.

For a listing of many (but not all) of the weapons that are legal in this format, click here.

Tourney Format

**The L97 Guild Cup follows a procedure unlike previous L97 events! Read this section carefully!**

The L97 Guild Cup will keep track of both individual performances and guild performances. In order to accommodate guild scoring, the traditional L97 scoring system has been modified to ensure fair competition. Participants DO NOT have to belong to a Battledome guild to participate. Participants unaffiliated with a guild will be part of the "Rogue Squad", and scored together as if they were a guild on the guild scoreboard. In order for a guild to be recognized in this event, it must have at least three members signed up.

The event has two parts. The Guild Cup begins with a classic pool play, and the pool phase will be followed by a double-elimination bracket. Everyone who battles in the pool phase will be randomly placed in the double-elimination bracket. Battles in the double-elimination bracket are worth more than battles in the pool phase. Continue reading for more details.

-The first portion of this event will be pool play. Participants will be divided into pools of 8 to 10 battlers. Every effort will be made to avoid placing participants of the same guild in a pool together. Participants will battle each opponent in the same pool three times. Scoring during pool play is as follows:

-Wins: 2 points to the victor

-Draws: 1 point to each participant

-Following the pool phase, ALL participants will be randomly placed into a double elimination bracket. However, battlers that did not play a single battle in the pool phase will be dropped from the event for inactivity. Once again, every effort will be made to avoid having members of the same guild face off in the first round of the bracket. Match-ups in the double elimination bracket will be best two-out-of-three. In the event that participants are tied after three battles, the participants will continue to battle until a victor has emerged. Participants that lose a match-up will fall into the losers' bracket. Participants that lose a second match-up are eliminated from the event. The event ends when all but one participant have lost two match-ups. Scoring during the double elimination bracket is as follows:

-Wins: 4 points to the victor

-Draws: 2 points to each participant

-Note that in match-ups involving members of the same guild, the victor is awarded 8 points; the loser is awarded no points. This scoring ruling is done to prevent members of the same guild from running up the score.

-In addition, the following bonus points will be awarded to the top finishers' guilds in the double elimination bracket:

Place Points
1st 30
2nd 20
3rd 15
4th 12
5th/6th 9
7th/8th 6
9th-12th 4
13th-16th 2

Double Elimination Bracket

Click on the image below to view a larger version.

Bracket Last Updated: May 13th, 11:10 PM NST

Participants and Scores

Guild Pool Points Bracket Points Total
House of Skulltula 277 326 603
Subdued 181 262 443
Central Command 171 168 339
Phoenix Warlords 155 134 289
Legendary Warlords 118 120 238
Dangerous Waters 86 111 197
Celestial Dawn 113 80 193
The New Battledome 82 30 112
Wartime Preparation League 46 44 90
Sovereignty 46 16 62
Rogue Squad 197 200 397
Pool A Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
#4 CC Cashe322 6/2/1 13
CD Baby_pavan 11/5/5 27
#8 HoS Pisha1 17/1/6 40
LW Firedraik15558 2/10/3 7
PW Lavaaug 11/9/7 29
SOV Gar2187484 1/8/3 5
SUB Limp_101 7/16/4 18
TNB Thephantomofes 2/11/2 6
WPL Ireferno 12/7/5 29
Trapper3869 4/4/4 12
Pool B Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
CC Drdialtone 15/2/4 34
DW Xkute6o4animex 8/12/4 20
HoS Hark_1 16/4/4 36
#10 HoS Nalare (Ekspert) 16/1/4 36
LW Redoctopus75 3/21/0 6
PW Tamora_dawn 15/3/6 36
SOV Baconfish 0/0/0 0
TNB Infamousoulja_2 10/10/4 24
TNB Smegrific 0/22/2 2
Bughum 6/14/4 16
Pool C Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
CC Fooshfuush 3/13/2 8
CD Cottie83 14/5/2 30
#1 DW Xskimdlove 21/0/0 42
HoS Dafinsrock 4/1/1 9
LW Bid_on_it_3 12/9/3 27
PW Katherineliz20 3/6/0 6
SUB 4391ace4391 5/15/1 11
TNB Flapping_moose 13/6/2 28
WPL Meloph 0/18/0 0
Chusker 11/13/3 25
Pool D Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
#3 CC Penguinqwert 20/4/2 42
CD Schezan 14/3/4 32
DW Soopaa_beast 6/5/4 16
HoS Njt9497 3/3/0 6
LW Duke_sloth 7/11/6 20
PW Benrina 2/15/1 5
SUB Jadorelamode 18/4/1 37
TNB Lakelax 0/4/0 0
TNB Outtamytree 3/15/0 6
Lawrencedy1 2/11/2 6
Pool E Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
CC Ruuff 10/14/3 23
CD Okunnig 0/9/0 0
#6 HoS Toon_link_dancing 24/1/2 50
LW Dubs824 13/8/3 29
PW Mystique_warrior 1/13/4 6
PW Stealth187 4/10/4 12
SUB Mawigs 13/7/7 33
TNB Fuzzysano 2/16/0 4
Neodetta18 5/14/5 15
#5 Vexatory 22/2/0 44
Pool F Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
CC _Dale_jr_ 3/4/2 8
DW Eldana001 3/16/2 8
#7 HoS Mopardude 0/0/0 0
LW Doon022000 0/15/0 0
PW Chaplainjr 9/6/3 21
SOV Heaven_men 9/8/4 22
SUB Kuominghui 22/1/1 45
Savon_novas 12/5/4 28
TNB Swordarts 2/16/0 4
Shadowforged 15/4/2 32
Pool G Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
#11 CC Labmom953 8/6/4 20
DW Thedarigandude 0/0/0 0
#9 HoS Drazu 10/0/2 22
LW Mike_honcho 13/2/3 29
PW Jadeasahi 0/0/0 0
SOV Wdsimmonds316 8/7/3 19
SUB Axemred Withdrawn 0
TNB Ivyfoo 0/12/0 0
Sikdersaha2000 (the_cycle_of_life) 5/5/2 12
Stoicjohn 0/12/0 0
Pool H Scoreboard
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
CC Thankless_knight 9/10/5 23
CD Aerido 10/10/4 24
#14 HoS Neoskulltula 10/8/6 26
#2 HoS Okay__ 26/1/0 52
#13 PW Aerenity 15/9/3 33
PW Sandbender007 3/20/1 7
SUB Eileen10 17/4/3 37
TNB Egaeus 4/5/0 8
WPL Noxmiles 8/15/1 17
Magicsimon 3/23/1 7
Bracket Win/Loss Records
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws
CC _Dale_jr_4/3/4
CC Fooshfuush2/4/3
CC Labmom9534/4/4
CC Penguinqwert12/5/4
CC Ruuff3/4/4
CC Thankless_knight4/4/2
CD Aerido4/5/1
CD Baby_pavan5/5/4
CD Cottie830/3/2
CD Schezan5/5/5
DW Eldana0010/4/0
DW Soopaa_beast9/5/3
DW Xkute6o4animex4/4/1
DW Xskimdlove8/5/4
HoS Dafinsrock6/4/3
HoS Drazu5/4/0
HoS Hark_18/5/4
HoS Nalare5/4/9
HoS Neoskulltula3/3/4
HoS Njt94973/2/0
HoS Okay__9/5/3
HoS Pisha18/5/2
HoS Toon_link_dancing14/7/4
LW Bid_on_it_34/4/4
LW Doon0220000/1/2
LW Dubs8249/4/4
LW Duke_sloth0/4/1
LW Firedraik155580/4/2
LW Mike_honcho2/4/3
LW Redoctopus754/3/5
PW Aerenity2/3/1
PW Benrina0/4/0
PW Chaplainjr4/4/0
PW Katherineliz203/4/2
PW Lavaaug5/4/3
PW Mystique_warrior2/3/4
PW Sandbender0070/4/0
PW Stealth1873/4/3
PW Tamora_dawn7/6/2
SOV Gar21874843/2/2
SOV Heaven_men0/4/0
SOV Wdsimmonds3160/4/0
SUB 4391ace43914/5/4
SUB Eileen109/4/3
SUB Kuominghui4/4/2
SUB Limp_10113/7/6
SUB Jadorelamode19/5/8
TNB Flapping_moose6/7/2
TNB Ivyfoo0/2/0
TNB Lakelax0/2/0
TNB Outtamytree0/4/0
TNB Smegrific0/4/0
TNB Swordarts0/4/0
TNB Thephantomofes0/4/1
WPL Ireferno4/5/4
WPL Meloph0/4/0
WPL Noxmiles5/4/0


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