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L97 Tournament IV: Garoo Unchained

This event occured in the past and is now over. This page are kept for historical and for completion purposes

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The fourth L97 tournament, Garoo Unchained, begins on October 4th. This tournament will see the return of pool play followed by a single-elimination playoff for top competitors. This tournament will use the standard L97 rules, and it will be the last tournament before the 2013 League 97 Championship taking place at the end of the year. All information regarding this event will be listed on this page, so be sure to check this page often. Also be sure to check back to see the tournament storyline, written by Neoskulltula!

Important Dates/Information

Signups Closed

Signups Close: Thursday, October 3rd

Pool Play Begins: Friday, October 4th; Noon NST

Pool Play Ends: Monday, October 14th; 11:59 PM NST

Playoffs Begin: Tuesday, October 15th; Noon NST


This tournament uses standard L97 rules. Please familiarize yourself with the League 97 rules by clicking here.

Tourney Format

-The first portion of this event will be pool play. Participants will be divided into two pools. Participants will battle each opponent in the opposite pool three times. Scoring during pool play is as follows:

-Wins: 3 points to the victor

-Draws: 1 point to each participant

-The top six participants in each pool in terms of points will move on to the playoffs. The playoffs will be seeded single-elimination. Seeding will be based on points, and participants will face off in best two-out-of-three match-ups. In the event that participants are tied after three battles, the participants will continue to battle until a victor has emerged. The playoff format will as follows:

-In the event that participants are tied in points at the end of pool play, the following tie breakers will be used in order to help determine seeding and/or who makes the playoffs:

  1. Head-to-head record.
  2. Number of wins.
  3. Record vs. Playoff-bound opponents.
  4. Participants will play an additional battle, only if necessary for playoff seeding.

Participants and Scores

Garoo Crew Wins/Losses/Draws Points Tyrannians Wins/Losses/Draws Points
orangebrah 0/0/0 0 brightsolitude 43/6/8 137
cashe322 41/8/5 128 noxmiles 0/20/1 1
fooshfuush 6/17/1 19 benladesh 2/11/2 8
kauto 28/16/4 88 njt9497 5/6/1 16
ruuff 24/31/2 74 _ofmachines 0/0/0 0
mcdooby 0/0/0 0 potential_hero 0/22/2 2
waheedali 0/0/0 0 thgil 1/15/2 5
rokotrendy 0/0/0 0 cannibaliced 3/17/1 10
trapper3869 7/10/4 25 nalare (ekspert) 40/4/4 124
labmom953 21/22/8 71 poofy2468 0/24/0 0
meshell1860 0/0/0 0 penguinqwert 22/2/6 72
razankid 0/0/0 0 wdsimmonds316 3/27/9 18
mopardude 23/11/8 77 duke_sloth 16/18/8 56
vasama 0/0/0 0 rebuildinq 3/29/1 10
pisha1 37/12/5 116 tamora_dawn 30/18/9 99
jaybuk 6/16/2 20 dfgh5067 3/37/2 11
neoskulltula 36/20/10 118 slimshoots 0/33/0 0
schezan 20/8/8 68 rebbit66 0/18/0 0
soopaa_beast 0/14/1 1 dafinsrock 24/5/7 79
toon_link_dancing 58/4/10 184 optic_illusion 0/0/0 0
rastaaz 0/0/0 0 sc00bysn4cks 0/5/1 1
ponchoygufy 0/9/0 0 _dale_jr_ 11/18/7 40
enthuso 2/10/0 6 thedelishow 0/0/0 0
thedarigandude 0/0/0 0 sudden_default 1/23/0 3
egaeus 23/11/2 71 shadowforged 5/20/2 17
drazu 39/14/7 124 x008800x 0/0/0 0
skywalker480 4/7/4 16 orangesfruits 5/13/9 24
tetration 1/2/0 3 okay__ 31/8/9 102
xskimdlove 40/7/10 130 thekkmo_18 0/0/0 0
A stuffed animal Stuffed animals don't fight, silly 0 magic_scar 1/17/0 3


Floating In My Tin Can, Far Above Kreludor

Stars and stellar nurseries hung indiscriminately across the view, a sort of cosmic Jackson Pollock painting that danced across the eons. While this phenomenal view would floor most neopets, today it was greeted with vehement derision. Commander Garoo stared out the window of his cell with almost plaintive eyes. Even the heavens themselves felt like iron bars now. Seeing them day after day from within the confines of this room took away their majesty and relegated them to the mundane.

Prisoner 43679, dinner!" a voice bellowed as a bright light appeared. Food was carelessly slid across the floor, and as they closed the slot for administering meals, the bright light dissipated.

Garoo picked up the tray and examined its contents. "For five years I've endured this swill!" he said as he tossed the tray back down. "Where is Sloth? Where is my rescue?" He sat down in a chair with a certain degree of resignation. He knew his troops were loyal to him. But he also knew they must be scattered across the solar system. Garoo hung his head towards his heavy heart.

A Kougra's Guilt

A few weeks later Garoo was roused from his slumber by a blaring klaxon. A wave of red light washed across the room as the sound reverberated between the walls. Clearly the alarm had been sounded, but nothing else gave a clue as to what was happening. Garoo knew it must be a threat exterior to the facility. At the very least, nothing was happening in his end of the station. Other than the sound of the alarm, it was ominously peaceful.

Several hours had passed and the Blumaroo's ears finally picked up on something. There was no mistaking this sound, for Commander Garoo knew it all too well. It was the sound of struggle. It was the sound of combat. Blasters were firing and orders were being yelled. He even heard a Wilhelm scream. A smile launched across his devious face. Finallly his captors were getting theirs.

After a few minutes, the sounds of struggle ceased. The klaxon fell silent shortly thereafter. The lights were still flashing though, as primary power seemed to have been disabled. A small blast went off right outside his cell. Garoo braced himself. He was ready to escape at all costs. The door was opened by two armoured neopets, who promptly made way for someone behind them. The figure walked in. As the red light splashed his face, Garoo instantly recognized who it was. "Gormos!" Garoo said with relief. As Commander Gormos walked forward to embrace his comrade, his face was met with Garoo's fist.

Gormos was sent reeling. Holding his cheek, he was shocked at being punched by the one he came to rescue. "What gives?" the Kougra barked.

What gives?" Garoo parroted back in an angrier tone. "What took you so long? I've been languishing here for years!"

Commander Gormos tried to defend himself. "These things take time. First I tried to bring Sloth back and when that didn't pan out I instantly began working to free you. First I had to find your troops, who were in all corners of the known universe! Then we had to find you. Do you know the stealth capabilities of this facility? It took -"

Garoo interrupted him. "How many troops did you find? Is the army back?"

The Kougra looked down. "The force is not what it used to be. I found about 25 of your most loyal men. They are waiting on the ship for you."

Garoo shrugged it off. "We will get more in time. For now, let's get out of here." And with that, Commander Gormos and Commander Garoo left the station, trailed by some of the soldiers once more at his command.

A Few Good Cavemen

An Obelisk, you say?" asked Garoo as he was being updated by his men on the latest happenings around Neopia. They regaled him with tales of competing armies swarming the Obelisk in attempts to control it. This intrigued Garoo, and he knew where he wanted to go. "Set course for Tyrannia!"

Gormos did not agree with this. "I know you are eager to prove yourself, but we can't go to the Obelisk. We don't have the forces."

I am not after the Obelisk," Garoo replied. "I know the Tyrannian psyche. With those factions occupying the land around the Obelisk, natural-born Tyrannians will have fled to the hinterland. They are primitive and an easy target. Attacking them right under the nose of those other armies is exactly the kind of message I want to send the world. Neopia will feel my return."

He was right, of course. Though often kind and gentle, Tyrannians were shocked when their land was discovered by outsiders over a decade ago. The culture clash was never in their favor.

They were not defenceless of course, and if push came to shove (or golfball) they could hold their own. Garoo knew this too, but he also knew his forces had the advantage with their lasers and armour. Stones and spears were the weapons Tyrannians used. This would be an easy conquest, perfect for getting back into the game.

The ship flew to the remote parts of Tyrannia, and the scanners picked up concentrations of their population below. The ship descended.

Word of what was happening spread quickly among the tribes, and almost just as quickly warriors sought the counsel and leadership of Grarrg, Grand Battle Master of the Tyrannians. Two nights after the invasion they gathered around a fire to listen to Grarrg's wisdom. He stepped up to the fire and glanced around.

If they want a fight, we'll give them one." Hundreds of warriors could be heard, their howls piercing the night sky.

Playoff Bracket



Battle Log


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