L97 Tournament V: League 97 Championship 2013

This event occured in the past and is now over. This page are kept for historical and for completion purposes

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The fifth and final League 97 tournament of the year is set to take place this holiday season. The 2013 League 97 Championship will be the marquee event of the year; the main event will be a showcase of the most dominant battlers in the league. The tournament will be twofold; some battlers will automatically qualify for the main event while others will earn a place in the main event by participating in the qualifier. Complete details regarding the tourney format and important dates will all be listed below.

Important Dates/Information

Signups Open: Now Closed

Signups Close: Thursday, November 21

Qualifier Week One Begins: Friday, November 22; Noon NST

Qualifier Week One Ends: Thursday, November 28; 11:59 PM NST

Qualifier Week Two Begins: Friday, November 29; Noon NST

Qualifier Week Two Ends: Sunday, December 8; 11:59 PM NST

AQ Scrimmage Begins: Friday, November 22; Noon NST

AQ Scrimmage Ends: Sunday, December 8; 11:59 PM NST

Main Event Begins: Friday, December 13; Noon NST

Main Event Bracket

**The main event bracket will be updated to include names soon. The main event begins on Friday at Noon NST!**

The following table shows how the 18 participants of the main event were seeded. The six members of the rankings committee each made their own ranking. For each of the 18 participants, the highest and lowest rankings were dropped. The middle four rankings were averaged and were used to order the 18 participants.

Seed Name I II III IV V VI Avg.
1. Okay__ 1 2 2 2 1 2 1.75
2. Xskimdlove 2 3 3 1 5 1 2.25
3. Penguinqwert 7 1 1 6 3 6 4
4. Brightsolitude 5 5 5 7 2 4 4.75
5. Toon_link_dancing 6 4 6 4 4 5 4.75
6. Drazu 4 9 7 3 7 3 5.25
7. Mopardude 3 6 4 5 8 13 5.75
8. Pisha1 8 8 8 8 9 7 8
9. Cashe322 10 7 9 9 6 8 8.25
10. Aerenity 11 10 11 11 11 9 10.75
11. Ruuff 12 11 10 13 12 11 11.5
12. Tamora_dawn 13 13 12 10 10 12 11.75
13. Labmom953 15 15 14 12 13 10 13.5
14. Schezan 9 12 13 15 14 17 13.5
15. Kauto 14 14 15 17 15 14 14.5
16. Neoskulltula 18 16 16 16 18 15 16.5
17. Wdsimmonds316 16 17 17 18 17 16 16.75
18. Soopaa_beast 17 18 18 14 16 18 17.25


This tournament uses standard L97 rules. Please familiarize yourself with the League 97 rules by clicking here.

Tourney Format

The 2013 League 97 Championship event will consist of a qualifier followed by the main event. Select players will automatically qualify for the main event, based on past performance. Players without an automatic bid must participate in the qualifying event in order to potentially receive a tournament bid. The main event will consist of 18 battlers. Battlers who have finished in the top four of a past event automatically qualify for the main event, those battlers are listed below. Battlers with an automatic bid need not be concerned with the qualifier and its procedure, but battlers with an automatic bid will still have an opportunity to battle prior to the main event. Battlers who must participate in the qualifier should pay close attention to the next section. Here are the automatic qualifiers listed below:

2013 League 97 Automatic Qualifiers

Inaugural Event: Pisha1, Mopardude, Penguinqwert, Mcdooby

Castle Lupenstein: **2ouche, Okay__, Wapakski_06

Summer Scorcher: Cashe322

Garoo Unchained: Xskimdlove, Brightsolitude, Toon_link_dancing, Nalare

**Denotes user is frozen

Note that repeat names have been omitted. The list above means there will be no more than 11 automatic qualifiers.

Qualifier Format

Update: Battlers have been split into just two pools. Note that these two pools are larger than the pool sizes stated below, and that there will be just one top half and one bottom half pool in week two. These mega-pools mean more battles will be fought and all week-one top-half competitors will face off in week two to decide who makes the main event!

Battlers participating in the qualifier will be randomly placed into pools of ~8-10 battlers for week one of the qualifier. Battlers should attempt to battle all players of their own pool over the course of the week. Battles will battle each opponent exactly three times. Scoring is as follows:

-Wins: 3 points to the victor

-Draws: 1 point to each participant

At the end of week one, battlers will again be randomly placed into pools of ~6-8 battlers, with one new distinction: battlers who finish in the top half of their week one pool will be randomly placed with other top half battlers and battlers who finish in the bottom half of their week one pool will be randomly placed with other bottom half battlers. Battlers who do not record a single battle in week one will be dropped from the event. Battlers in the top half pools will be competing for spots in the main event, while battlers in the bottom half pools will be ineligible for the main event. However, the bottom half pools in week two will be consolation pools, and the battler with the most points in each of these pools will receive a trophy! The battlers in the top half pools will be battling to move onto the main event; the number of available spots in the main event will be announced once signups close, since this number is subject to change. The top half pool battlers with the highest point totals in their week two pools will advance to the main event. The top battler in terms of points in each top half pool is guaranteed a spot in the main event, remaining spots will be filled from any top half pool based on week two points. In the event of a tie for the final spot of the main event, a playoff will be arranged between tied parties.

Main Event Format

The main event will be seeded single elimination. All match ups in the main event will be best two of three, with extra battles taking place to settle ties after three battles. Since the main event will feature a field of 18 battlers, this means that the four lowest seeds will have an additional match up in order to cut the field to 16. Seeds will be determined following the conclusion of the qualifier. Seeding will be based on past performance, the World Rankings, as well as performance in the qualifier and automatic qualifier scrimmage. The committee will agree on a tournament seeding the week leading up to the main event. The following players will serve on the committee:

Neoskulltula, Penguinqwert, Pisha1, Mopardude, Toon_link_dancing, Soopaa_beast

Automatic Qualifier Scrimmage

Update: All AQs will face off against all other AQs, replacing the mini-pools!

In an effort to give the automatic qualifiers some reps leading up to the main event, the automatic qualifiers will be divided into two randomly generated "mini-pools". Automatic qualifiers will battle other automatic qualifiers within the same pool. These match ups will be exactly three battles, just like the qualifier, but with one important difference. Since the automatic qualifiers already have a tournament bid secured, these battles are essentially optional. However, these battles will help determine seeding, and while an automatic qualifier reserves the right to decline these battles, doing so could hurt their seeding more than any outcome of the battles! Automatic qualifiers are strongly encouraged to participate in the scrimmage!

Signups, Pools, and Scores

***Qualifiers battle within their own pool; AQs battle all other AQs.***

Qualifier Week Two Scoreboards

Top Half Scoreboard - Week Two
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
Ruuff 15/6/9 54
Neoskulltula 3/11/13 22
Schezan 12/3/3 39
Brian_badonde_bah 0/0/0 0
Wdsimmonds316 10/10/4 34
#12 Njt9497 0/0/0 0
Kauto 10/8/6 36
Aerenity 16/7/7 55
Soopaa_beast 7/13/10 31
Neoplay_13 1/3/5 8
Labmom953 11/14/8 41
La_serbatoio 3/22/2 11
Tamora_dawn 11/7/12 45
Jioboie 0/0/0 0
Fuzzysano 1/26/3 6
Drazu 30/0/6 96

Qualifier Week Two Pool X Battle Log

Consolation Pool Scoreboard - Week Two
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
Spencerduwell 9/2/4 31
Mystique_warrior 5/2/2 17
Dfgh5067 1/2/3 6
Davidino230 Frozen 0
Draikin 0/3/0 0
Xprussia 0/0/0 0
Thephantomofes 2/3/1 7
Fooshfuush 0/0/0 0
Thgil 2/7/0 6
Rebbit66 0/0/0 0

Qualifier Week Two Consolation Pool Battle Log

Qualifier Week One Scoreboards

Qualifier Pool A Scoreboard - Week One
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
Spencerduwell 9/21/3 30
Duke_sloth 0/0/0 0
Mystique_warrior 4/12/8 20
Ruuff 10/9/11 41
Neoskulltula 14/3/13 55
Schezan 10/5/9 39
Brian_badonde_bah 12/5/7 43
Dfgh5067 1/16/4 7
Wdsimmonds316 11/10/9 42
Egaeus 0/0/0 0
#12 Njt9497 11/4/0 33
Kauto 15/3/6 51
Davidino230 0/3/0 0
Draikin 0/9/0 0
Aerenity 15/12/6 51

Qualifier Week One Pool A Battle Log

Qualifier Pool B Scoreboard - Week One
Battler Wins/Losses/Draws Points
Soopaa_beast 13/7/1 40
Xprussia 0/17/1 1
Neoplay_13 7/6/2 23
Thephantomofes 1/15/8 11
Labmom953 19/5/6 63
La_serbatoio 9/16/5 32
Mpuck2007 0/0/0 0
Tamora_dawn 18/3/3 57
Jioboie 7/7/1 22
Fooshfuush 6/14/4 22
Fuzzysano 7/18/5 26
Thgil 1/1/1 4
Drazu 31/1/1 94
Ab76auyshshgj 0/0/0 0
Rebbit66 0/9/0 0
Slimshoots 0/0/0 0

Qualifier Week One Pool B Battle Log

AQ Scrimmage Battle Logs

#1 Penguinqwert Record
vs Mopardude1-2-0
vs Brightsolitude0-3-0
vs Xskimdlove1-1-1
vs Cashe322TBD
vs Okay__TBD
vs Toon_link_dancing0-1-2
vs Pisha12-0-1
#8 Mopardude Record
vs Penguinqwert2-1-0
vs BrightsolitudeTBD
vs Xskimdlove1-1-1
vs Cashe322TBD
vs Okay__TBD
vs Toon_link_dancing3-0-0
vs Pisha11-1-1
#6 Brightsolitude Record
vs MopardudeTBD
vs Penguinqwert3-0-0
vs Xskimdlove0-2-1
vs Cashe322TBD
vs Okay__0-3-0
vs Toon_link_dancing1-1-1
vs Pisha12-1-0
#3 Xskimdlove Record
vs Mopardude1-1-1
vs Brightsolitude2-0-1
vs Penguinqwert1-1-1
vs Cashe3222-0-1
vs Okay__TBD
vs Toon_link_dancing1-2-0
vs Pisha13-0-0
#10 Cashe322 Record
vs MopardudeTBD
vs BrightsolitudeTBD
vs Xskimdlove0-2-1
vs PenguinqwertTBD
vs Okay__0-2-1
vs Toon_link_dancing2-1-0
vs Pisha10-1-2
#4 Okay__ Record
vs MopardudeTBD
vs Brightsolitude3-0-0
vs XskimdloveTBD
vs Cashe3222-0-1
vs PenguinqwertTBD
vs Toon_link_dancing2-0-1
vs Pisha13-0-0
#11 Toon_link_dancing Record
vs Mopardude0-3-0
vs Brightsolitude1-1-1
vs Xskimdlove2-1-0
vs Cashe3221-2-0
vs Okay__0-2-1
vs Penguinqwert1-0-2
vs Pisha12-1-0
#2 Pisha1 Record
vs Mopardude1-1-1
vs Brightsolitude1-2-0
vs Xskimdlove0-3-0
vs Cashe3221-0-2
vs Okay__0-3-0
vs Toon_link_dancing1-2-0
vs Penguinqwert0-2-1

World Rankings

Since this is the championship event, the rank points awarded for this event will be greater than typical events. All battlers who make it to the main event will be awarded rank points at the conclusion of the event, with more rank points being awarded to those battlers who make deep runs in the tournament. The rank point awards for the championship event are as follows:

Point Distribution
Place Rank Points
Champion 50 points
Runner-Up 30 points
Semi-Finalist 20 points
Quarter-Finalist 12 points
Field of 16 6 points
Field of 18 3 points


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