L54 Tournament I: Spring Cleaning

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Are you ready to take your opponents by storm? Dust off those Purple Scorchstones and Dusty Magic Brooms and get ready for iDB's very first League 54 event... don't let the special rules slip you up!

Important Dates

Signups Open: February 12, 2019

Signups Close: March 17, 2019; 11:59 PM NST

Round 1 ends: March 24, 2019; 11:59 PM NST

Round 2 ends: April 1, 2019; 11:59 PM NST

Round 3 ends: April 8, 2019; 11:59 PM NST

Round 4 ends: April 16, 2019; 11:59 PM NST

Round 5 ends: April 23, 2019; 11:59 PM NST


The trophies are finally ready to be revealed! Here they are:


This tournament will be a Best-of-3 Double Elimination tournament.

This event follows all of L54's normal rules, but in addition:


With the conclusion of the tournament, the top 3 can now be announced!
  1. freezesareop
  2. macosten
  3. gregoroth
Trophies will be handed out imminently, so stay tuned (and neomail macosten if you have a jnAccount but didn't share your jnAccount username when you signed up, or if you have any other inquiries).
Confirmed Signups
calypsomatic Gregoroth freezesareop macosten cherry_25
sengirmtg infamousoulja_2 lamda_calculus 1iberal shin0bi_
jerry_the_squirrel royellison07 xxvictimxx996 zafara007z lil_mooni
RonyRM brickkid mistpens rosstell2

This is the final bracket:

Tournament-Specific FAQ

Why is Meditate banned?

There are a few reasons Meditate is banned. Firstly, in a metagame with reduced attacking power, Meditate's healing becomes stronger than it is in regular L54, though this alone would not be enough to warrant the ban.

Secondly, and more importantly, Meditate (though its behavior is somewhat inconsistent) generally only works when its user moves first. This does cause some users to panic and misplay, but the real problem this causes is related to the foresight glitch, as one of its known triggers is when your opponent moves too fast. If users are inclined to outspeed each other, then the foresight glitch is much more likely to occur.

Finally, the presence of Meditate can disadvantage those with slower internet connections and those battling on a mobile device, because they can't react as quickly to the start of a new turn as someone with a faster internet connection on a desktop or laptop.

Why is Whirling Mopper banned?

Whirling Mopper is banned primarily because its "ice" icons only deal damage when its user goes second, even though they always appear in the battle log. This means that, functionally, Whirling Mopper is a 6-icon attacker when you go first and a 9-icon attacker (with 3 unblockable icons) when you go second. This encourages battlers using Whirling Mopper to stall, which is an obvious problem.

If Whirling Mopper is "fixed" to always attack with 9 or 6 icons regardless of turn order before the start of the tournament and it is brought to my attention and confirmed, it may be unbanned.

Leave this for the Yurble Janitor

Why is Mirror Mote banned?

While it can be incredibly obnoxious to play against, the true reason it's banned is because it will likely encourage stalling. With the way reflection mechanics work, if the battler that submitted their move first reflects any icons, the battler that moved second will be able to block and reflect those icons back. On the other hand, that first battler will not be able to block or reflect any icons reflected by the second battler. This creates a heavy incentive to go second, even if you don't know your opponent has a Mirror Mote, just to be sure you can do a better job of countering it if they do. In other words, this encourages both players to stall in any battle involving Mirror Mote... which could be any battle, if you're still scouting your opponent's set.

Seven years of bad luck if you use this

Can I equip Frozen Water Daggers and Frozen Wave Scimitar at the same time as long as I don't use them together?

Nope! You're going to have to be a little more creative with your options this time around. You're more than welcome to switch between the two in a 3-battle set, however.

One or the other, not both!

Can I use [Weapon X]?

If can't attack for more than 9.0 icons, is normally allowed in L54, and isn't explicitly banned (see above), then yes, you may.

How do I submit the results of my battle?

Each round, there will be a new Official Tournament Results Neoboard. You and your opponent should post the results of each battle there, ideally after each battle. This way, they're out in the open for everyone to see.

I have a question that isn't answered here, and it's important!

If you run into a problem or have a question that is not addressed above or in the Standard L54 FAQ, don't hesitate to neomail macosten and ask away!

Weapon Suggestions

The reduced icon limit largely affects pure attacking constants, as only one incredibly rare item (Skarls Sceptre) attacks for 10 icons while also defending. Below is a non-exhaustive list of attacking constants allowed under the special limit. For a more complete list that includes dual duties, please refer to our L54 Weapons Page, but remember - you won't be able to use any weapons listed there that attack for 10 icons in this tournament!

Below, for convenience, are the two tournament-specific exception weapons.

Special Exception Weapons

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