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In-Depth Healing Guide

Introduction to Healing

Ever since the removal of healing after winning a battle when the new battledome was released, healing between fights has became a serious issue which needs to be addressed. While in the past you could simply heal 1hp and kill Inflatable Balthazar life is by no means as simple now. Now you may have read our old beginners guide on healing which detailed the basic concepts of healing including normal and overhealers and the mechanics behind them. However, this guide will go more in-depth into the actual ways to heal both inside and outside combat.

Battledome Healing

Healing During Combat

While the bulk of this article will assume you are trying to heal from a already completed battle, for the sake of completeness I will give a small section to the choices of healers for during combat. While we shall not go into a wall of names there is still plenty to discuss as it should also allow us to set up a few concepts for later.

On top of the concepts of Normal/Overhealers which were described in the beginner article, there is one more main distinction to think about. Is it a bulk icon healer such as a Greater Healing Scroll or a Percentage Healer such as a Bag of Healing Dust or a Velms Healing Potion? If you have particularly low hp a cheapish scorchstone such as a Blue Scorchstone's overheal may provide you some extra breathing room. Over that, a Greater Healing Scroll for the 50-150hp pets. Over 500hp and the Velms Healing Potion becomes a cheap option before you can upgrade to a percentage healer.

Moving to a percentage healer is often a natural progression when you reach over about 150-250hp. Besides the obvious healers such as the Bag of Healing Dust and the more expensive Leaded Elemental Vial there are several species healers which often end up costing less. While the best of these is for the Kacheek, there are other weaker species options around for other pets. The pets with good healers include the following: Lenny, Blumaroo, Elephante, Gelert, Nimmo, Uni and Shoyru. But some of these options may be too expensive. Pets with a particularly high amount of hp may also consider a Ice Scorchstone or Sword of Lameness as they both offer low percentages of 100% healing. While these last two items do not offer a reliable enough solution to the healing problem, they do have a use which we shall mention later in this article.

Healing After Combat

So you are finished with combat and are looking for a good way to heal due to the lack of healing after combat? Depending on if you get knocked out in combat or not you do have options we can look at. If you did not hit 0hp during combat and have at least around a quarter of your health remaining you may consider starting a battle with the weakest opponent you can. When in combat, use faerie abilities and healing items to attempt to heal to maximum. If you are confident you can heal in one turn, also use an attacking item to help kill the weak opponent. Out of plot you can hopefully rely on either Punchbag Bob if you have time or, after he comes back, Inflatable Balthazar to accommodate you when healing.

If your healer takes too many battles to heal you may consider using a Golden Sun Chalice or Ice Scorchstone to heal you. These items work well since while they have a low chance to heal, when they do it is full. So if you are facing an opponent who either can't damage you (or at least can't finish you off) you can keep fighting till it works, then finish him off.

If you're at 0hp, use the out of dome healing strategies outlined below to cheaply get you to a point you can heal with the methods above. If you have a pet with a ton of hp, for example, this means you will only have to shell out for one Essence of Everlasting Apple (or comparative healer) instead of five. If you are able to fight something which doesn't damage you at all, then all you need to heal this way is the cheapest potion you can find to bump you past 0hp.

Outside of Dome Healing

Healing Springs

The first port of call when you need healing is always the Healing Springs. This can offer you one free heal (if you are lucky) every half an hour, but more importantly offers a cheap way to purchase either the Essence of Everlasting Apple or the Super Strength Healing Potion at below SW price during plot times. However, realistically you may faint more then every half an hour, making you need more strategies.


Selecting a potion is purely based on two things, how much hp you have to restore and how much the potion costs. During plot times all potions normally raise to over double their value, so often it is a good idea to stock up in advance and use them in combination with the above in-battle healing strategies. While often it may seem normal to stock up on the items called "Healing Potions", for most battlers the best value potions will always be the Essence of Everlasting Apple, Bubbling Healing Goo, Dewberry Reviver and Super Strength Healing Potion. While an Orange Flavoured Tea may seem like a good idea for pets with a LOT of hp, often the in-battle strategies work better and items like the Jade Elixir even become better value.


Since the downfall of healing after battle, healing has became a ton more annoying, but with the right items and proper preparation we can still get by fine. Be it healing in battle against weak opponents or stocking up on and using copious sums of potions, there is always a way past the limitations and back into the dome sooner. Just remember the price rises during plots, and you should be back in the dome in no time.

This article was written by: SirCabbage