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In-Depth Battlepedia's Dome Decennial


On October 17, 2012, the Old Battledome was officially laid to rest to clear the way for a new Battledome. A week later, the New Battledome opened its doors to a few small groups of closed beta testers. Shortly after, on November 9th, the closed beta opened its doors to the rest of Neopia; this is the Battledome as we know it today.

Since then, we started fighting over a strange obelisk in Tyrannia, and we foiled the Darkest Faerie's dreams of a Wraith Resurgence. We found new ways to challenge ourselves by creating many new two-player battling leagues to replace the old ones, from L97 to L54, to Fyora League and many more. We blinded our opponents with Lens Flares, except for when they used it on us... and while it definitely didn't feel very fair when that happened, we toughed it out anyway.

Hey, I wanted to cut the cake!

Now, here we are, ten years after the Old Battledome gave way to the New. We've had our ups and our many downs, but we're all still here, so let's celebrate the past ten years!


Check here each day of the event to see which challengers you'll be facing:

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Depending on how well you do during the event, you'll be able to earn one of these exclusive trophies for your jnAccount trophy cabinet:

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