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Have a double-take when looking at today's advent items!
Posted by SirCabbage on December 18, 2022, 12:16 am NST
Okay so today we have... oh, the Frozen Wave Scimitar... That item is rather old. Not even worth making a news post about...

Is what would likely not even had been said if it wasn't for the surprise cookie.

Today does actually come with a brand new battledome item! What could have easily just been a simple food item turns out to be a weapon. This one use item has yet to be tested and would have to be very impressive to be worth using in today's icon heavy climate; but it is still likely worth going to the Advent Calendar today to pick one up.

Be sure to check out our guide for more information on other prizes released this year. So far this year prizes have continued to be a surprise; with re-released and highly inflated items being TNTs preference.

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pikachu315111, December 22, 2022 5:44 AM NST
... Okay, even if we full figure out how the cookie works, TNT, what in the world were you thinking with it? It sounds so convoluted to use (and not sure how it matches with the "cursed cookie" theme).

To put it in respective, if you want min 5 Light & 5 Dark damage for some reason, you have much better options: Ramtors Spellbook (5L/5D/Multiuse), Ring of the Sway (5L/6D/Multiuse), & Sun and Moon Chakram (5L/5D/Multiuse). Or if you just want to do Light & Dark icons there's plenty other weapons which does that plus other icons (not all of them that great, and the ones which are are expensive like Mystical Tablet and Skarls Sword).

I'm glad to see they're experimenting, reminds me of last year's Axe of Guilt... but you have to also put in perspective and comparison with other weapons. Axe of Guilt it an interesting idea, but the damage output does not outweigh the self-damage cost. And this... I'm not even sure what they're trying to do or why they made it a cursed cookie item.

TNT, I doubt you're reading this, but if you are, I think the staff of In-Depth Battlepedia would be helpful in reviewing weapons you make before releasing them and saying whether they're fine or need adjustment. In addition I'm sure they have plenty of ideas they could offer for both new and old weapons. It would be much better than trying something crazy like this and only coming out looking, well, crazy.

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