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Dome Decennial: Day 4!
Posted by macosten on November 13, 2022, 12:00 am NST
Greetings, combatants! It's time to bring the brouhaha, cause some chaos, and deliver some damage unto today's Dome Decennial challengers!

There's not a moment to lose—head on over to the Dome Decennial Challenges page to find out more about your challengers!

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golem, November 13, 2022 7:46 AM NST
LADY FROSTBITEut on your face mask!
roshchodesh, November 13, 2022 9:34 AM NST
Find the Challengers you need here:

(This may have been posted before)

ONWARD! Into the fog!!
pikachu315111, November 13, 2022 3:56 PM NST
Today's Spoils:
* A frost-covered glove
* A bag of broken toy parts

Today's 1P scores:
* Lady Frostbite at 180
* Donny at 127
lasergu, November 13, 2022 8:12 PM NST

Thank you for posting all the scores; I helps me convince myself I'm not crazy/missing something lol
quailbat - JN Staff, November 14, 2022 12:00 AM NST
I should have checked for the scores first - but glad to max on [finally, eek] my first day!

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