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Mysterious new red glittery potion ends up just being water- Are TNT swindlers or geniuses?
Posted by SirCabbage on August 10, 2019, 12:48 am NST
TNT has released yet another battledome item within the daily dare. A thick, red and glittery potion which when drunk does little more than splash your opponent.

While the name, description and appearance would have you believe this could be a powerful stat booster or a decent buffing item- initial testing seems to suggest it does little more than get your opponent a little bit moist. Underwhelming for sure, but it is always good to see more battledome items.

This one is not time limited and may be obtained by beating AAA in today's game- so be sure to pick one up before the event is over. Here's hoping that all these battledome items released throughout the event don't replace a semi-decent end reward item, perhaps it is just a sign of what is to come.

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pikachu315111, August 10, 2019 8:54 PM NST
Have your opinions on it changed now that it's been discovered it's a emergency healer?
macosten - JN Staff, August 10, 2019 9:15 PM NST
Somewhat, yeah.

I think this weapon falls into the odd niche of "good for pets with high HP totals but owners who can't/don't want to spend much on their BD sets" -- for most, this isn't better than something like Greater Healing Scroll or Rejuvenating Jar of Brains, and the restriction makes it tough to use (it's never going to be healing you to full, for example), so it probably shouldn't be your primary healer...

...but for as long as it can be equipped with other healers, it's not like you have anything to lose by having one of these on your set.
pikachu315111, August 17, 2019 3:21 AM NST
This may sound odd but I'm interested in the concept behind it but I'm unsure if this best presents it. An "emergency" equipment which can only be used at low health but has an effect which could alter the course of the battle.

For this weapon, as you said, feels like at best it's a niche gimmick. Something you could add as one of your extra equipment if you don't have anything else in mind like another main attacker or shield. But I'm wondering if at level that 25% is maybe a bit too late for a weapon that then only heals 25% to be effective aside from giving an extra turn.

However wouldn't mind seeing something like maybe an "emergency" freezer or bomb. Maybe have an "emergency" item that does multiple effects. Or, using a similar idea, maybe make "desperation" equipment that have stronger effects added to them the lower your Neopet's HP is (does more damage, blocks more icons, heal more HP, more likely to freeze, etc.). I like to see they're experimenting with ideas, now we just need a BD event to play with these ideas (and if they could also fix some broken mechanics and add in a "classic mode"...

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