Beginners' Guide to Battling

Another important element of Battledome strategy is the ability to freeze your opponents. This has nothing to do with frozen accounts! A frozen pet in the Battledome is unable to do anything for one turn; s/he can't use weapons or abilities.

You are allowed only one freezing item as part of your pet's equipment. However, freezing is incredibly useful; you can either stop your opponent from attacking and defending for a turn, leaving you free to do damage without taking any yourself, or -- if your opponent has been smart enough to bring his or her own freezing weapon -- you can stop him/her from freezing you.

Freezers come in three types: non-100% freezers, 100% freezers, and multi-freezers.

Non-100% freezers are freezing weapons, like the Black Frost Cannon, which are not guaranteed to freeze your opponent when used; they have only a certain chance of working. Once they have managed to freeze the opponent, they cannot be used again in the same battle. These are mainly used by Battledomers who can't afford a more reliable option.

100% freezers, such as the H4000 Helmet, always freeze the opponent when used. These are the most commonly used freezers; reliability is an important factor, and most people aren't willing to spend their turn using a freezing weapon unless it's sure to work. In 2-player battle, most players will use their 100% freezer on the first turn; in many situations, being vulnerable for the first turn can lead to losing the battle very quickly. Using your freezing weapon on the first turn will either knock your opponent out for a turn (if s/he is not using the same strategy), or negate his/her own freezing weapon if s/he is using one, eliminating the danger of being frozen later in the battle.

Multi-freezers, such as the Slumberberry Potion, are able to freeze the opponent multiple times in a single battle. Multi-freezers are best suited for extremely high-stat pets (1000 HP or above) that can take a beating if frozen in 2-player, or for very long 1-player battles in which you anticipate having multiple chances to freeze the opponent. Low-stat pets will not generally be able to make good use of multi-freezer weapons.

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