Beginners' Guide to Battling

As well as choosing each turn which weapons to use, you can also choose an ability for your pet. Learning how to use these effectively is very important to winning a battle, as a well placed attack or heal from one of these can be the difference.

Faerie Abilities

With Stances gone an ability is the key choice you have to make each turn. If your pet is able to use any of them, they will appear in the box next to your weapon selection boxes in the Battledome.

Faerie Abilities are granted when your pet opens a number of Bottled Faeries and is blessed with the magic inside. Each ability can only be learned by pets of a certain level or above, and requires the user to spend blessings to unlock them. When a pet has reached the required level, all that is left is to open enough bottled faeries to be able to afford the ability. A pets' first ability is free, as the first tier of choices does not cost blessings to receive. You can read slightly more about this process here. You can pick one of these at a time, and will have to pay half if you wish to change them.

You can see a full list of Faerie Abilities here. While a lot of these abilities are too weak to be used, there are less 'useless' ones like there was in the old battledome. There are a few particularly important Faerie Abilities that can make a real difference in the Battledome depending on what you need to do.

Level 1

Level 1 Abilities are weak enough to normally avoid using, with Static Cling being the most useful for most battlers.

Level 5

No level 5 abilities are worth recommending; you don't have to waste your points unlocking them.

Level 10

Level 10 is where things start to get interesting, if you have a high HP pet, using Positive Thinking on your first round can help block a good deal of damage... While Cranky and Meh are less useful, if you are attacking/defending large sums of damage it could help a little.

Level 25

As with level one, the more reliable damage dealer An Icicle is the most use. However if you have a reliable freezer you may consider getting Irritable Minions instead as it can provide an extra blast if used the same turn as a freezer.

Level 50

Lens Flare is the unavoidably awesome ability in this level, being able to be used each battle and can block weapons. However blocking abilities as found in Shhhhhhhhh... is usually less awesome, as you can never be too sure of when someone will use their ability, and they can always use them next turn.

Level 100

At level 100 Burrow remains the ability of choice, however it has had a "fall from grace" so to speak and is much weaker then it once was. You can easily avoid this set of abilities if you wish.

Level 200

Warlock's Rage is by far the best choice here despite not including the added damage of the once per day Tempest.

Level 300

Rejuvenate may not cause the damage of Drain Life, but a 100% heal is very hard to ignore.

Level 400

Reflect offers a pretty huge damage reflection of all icon types and is thus the unmissable ability from this level of skills.

Level 500

Honestly the level 500 skills are worth missing, they offer nothing more then a once per day 10 icon bomb, the best of the bad lot is naturally Summon Monoceraptor since it uses fire.

Legacy Abilities

Besides the abilities we now use there were many old ones which were used in the battledome. All of these have been lost or re-purposed and may be viewed here. Here you can look over the old abilities, including the rare sponsor abilities such as Improved Defend. Most old abilities were pointless and offered little reason to be used, with most "good" abilities re-purposed.

Pets also once had their own abilities, which may be viewed here when you click on a pet and into the archived abilities.

This article was written by: SirCabbage